The Pakistan Palette

The Pakistan Palette

In this month of independence, it is time to reflect on and appreciate the true beauty of Pakistan. With all its diverse cultures, cuisines, landscapes and architecture, Pakistan is truly one of the most vibrant and colorful nations in the world. Here are some colors we feel are truly reflective of our country.

Ivy Green









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Green is the color of this month and a definite favorite of all Pakistanis. It is symbolic of our freedom and patriotism. It reminds one of the high rise mountains and lush green valleys of the north, the deep green domes of mosques and mazhaars and the Pakistan flag swaying in all its glory. This ivy green which can range from zingy and fun to chic and sophisticated is a must for the azadi weekend.

Citrus Yellow 









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Yellow symbolizes hope and warmth. It showcases the lively and fun loving side of our people, the much anticipated bahar season, the mustard fields, Pakistan’s favorite fruit aka mangoes and warm jalebis in the rain. Beat the gloomy monsoon season by indulging in fresh prints, light fabrics and a chic and trendy citrus yellow!

Electric Blue









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Blue symbolizes peace and tranquility. It is reminiscent of the blue kasha tiles seen on the sufi shrines in southern Punjab, the clear beaches of Karachi and the bluish grey skies in our infamous monsoon season. This invigorating shade of electric blue in breezy fabrics is perfect to get you feeling carefree and giving yourself a fashionable spin in this late summer season.

Crimson Red









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Red symbolizes energy and celebration. It is suggestive of the high powered and dynamic city life, the fiery hue of summer heat and the deep red mehndi put on weddings, Eid and other festivities. We suggest showcasing your fun and flamboyant side this month. The crimson red will definitely be a head turner!

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