There’s a crop top for every occasion

There’s a crop top for every occasion

Who says you can only wear a crop top occasionally? Tracing back to the Spice Girl days,the infatuation with crop tops is back! The sexy schoolgirl look has been mellowed for a more mature and comfortable style. It seems like designers and high street fashion outlets are all working on the different cuts, embellishments and modifications they can make to dated crop top trends for the upcoming season. While the particular item of clothing might not be suitable for everyone we would hate to have our fashionistas miss out on some of the best crop tops we have! Be it a summer wedding party, a winter ball, a beach trip or even a work a day – you can rock a crop top almost everywhere. Pair with a high-wasited skirt, ripped jeans, wear it under a blazer or palazzo pants but you’ll be sure to make a statement! From flowery to solid colours or even sequenced, if worn correctly, a crop top is one of the most fashionable items of clothing currently. So don’t miss out!

Summer Wedding Party Look





Beach Trip 

Winter Ball 

Brunch Attire 


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