Things That Only Happen in Pakistan

Things That Only Happen in Pakistan

If you know Pakistan, you’ll know that the citizens never miss an opportunity to give us a reason to laugh. Here are some of the unique things that only happen in Pakistan.

Capturing your First Truck

When a Pakistani boy comes to age, he has to uphold the family honor of capturing his first aesthetic truck. These beasts will help serve as a friend and as a mode of livelihood. Though considered gentle giants, you don’t wanna get run over by one. Pictured is a rare sight of domesticating a truck.

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Advanced Grammatical Skills

Let it be known that Pakistanis have the best command over the English language, even if it isn’t their primary language. Famed authors have confessed on getting English lessons from Pakistani protesters applauding their quirky use of content and grammatical prowess. Here’s someone protesting against “George Buhs’s Terrior” across the globe.

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The Chittar

Every Pakistani child knows about the infamous Chittar. Designed by Nokia after conducting many focus-groups with desi parents, this marvel is equipped with a strong leather finish, rubber edges and a GPS cum heat sensor, so you’ll never be missed again

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We’ve Loved It Before You Did

If you’ve watched The Founder, you’ll know that you’ve been lied to. Believe it or not, the first ever McDonald’s was opened in Pakistan, as a roadside thayla, selling McDalAnda and McMasala Fries. Its fame led to the Golden Arches going global.  If it hadn’t been for Pakistan, the world obesity rate would’ve been under control.

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The Curse of Saba

Legend has it that when you activate a sim card in Pakistan, you will be texted by a fabled ghost who asks for cellular credit to talk to her father who’s been hospitalized. She promises to send it back but disappears after the transaction.  Many people have fallen prey to her antics till date.

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Satire or not, when in Pakistan, you’ll find people, events & moments which will catch you by surprise and make up for great stories.

Usman Ghani

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