Thoughts You Have While Working Out

Thoughts You Have While Working Out

Whether you workout at home or at the gym, the decision of staying fit and healthy is a serious commitment that many of us find hard to keep up with. It gets tough each passing day because we all have different expectations out of it. There’s loads of excitement, compromises, and cheating involved too. Yes, we shamelessly do that in all the ways we can. And as difficult as it may seem, we still manage to get out there and try to make it work. And remember it’s a love/hate relationship that we’re trying to work out here. Here are thoughts that come to every person while struggling to be fit.


1. Am I doing it right? Does my arm have to go all the way up or till my shoulder? I hope no one’s judging me. 

Gym-goers would relate to this. When you’re at the gym trying out a new exercise and you have no clue about how it’s done, you get anxious because everyone around you is so concentrated and perfect in what they’re doing and you’re just a hopeless potato with no motivation whatsoever. But as long as you confidently do what you’re doing, no one will even bother to notice.

2. If I run like this for 2 more weeks I’m sure I will become as skinny as I was in school.

2 days into workout and you’ve already done your math right.

3. This is torture. I’m done with this already. I just want to go home and sleep for a whole 72 hours.

When you were never up for it, the workout starts to feel like a chore and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t do it.

4. That gaajar ka halwa was so yummy. Glad I left some for later. I just hope it’s still there when I get home.

Suddenly, the gaajar ka halwa you didn’t care about a while ago holds more value than any other thing or people.

5. I’m starving. I need a cheese burger so bad.

One long run and now cheese burger is what you want and cheese burger is what you need.

6. How do I get this machine to work. What if people find out that I don’t know how to use it.

The awkward moment when you confidently step on a machine you have no idea how to operate. The trick is to silently step off while praying nobody ever saw you.

7. I must have burnt 1200 calories by now and I look pretty good too. I should totally reward myself with a slice of cake today.

When you see the amount of sweat dripping off your body, rewarding yourself is the first thing that comes to mind.

8. How long was my face looking that funny? I hope people don’t think I’m a weirdo.

When you’re training hard chances are your facial expressions may inevitably turn funny too. The embarrassing moment is when you suddenly realize that it had been that way for 20 minutes and all this time people thought you were a weirdo.

9. How has it only been 10 minutes? It feels like I’ve been on this treadmill forever.

What literally happens when working out isn’t your favourite thing to do but you decide to go for it anyway.

10. I can’t wait to flaunt my slim figure at the family daawat next month. Dekhna koi pechanay ga bhi nahi mujhay.

Sometimes, the only motivation is the thought of how badly you want to show off your progress to your relatives and hear nice compliments in return.

11. I’ve been working out since 3 days now. Why don’t I have a 6 pack yet?

Most of us tend to get our math wrong and it’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with being overly excited about your goals.

12. This is the easiest exercise ever. I am loving it. I should probably stick to this only.

When you discover the exercise that was made for you and now you finally know where this is going.

13. Enough selfies for the day. I should probably go home now. 

While for some people, the real deal is to only appear as someone who works and trains hard.

14. If I do 10 instead of 20 reps and skip dinner. That would make it even, right?

You’ve got 99 problems but finding the perfect balance between diet and exercise isn’t one of them.

15. Woaaahhh! That was unbelievably easy. I’m so proud of myself. 

When you complained the whole hour of working out and now it’s finally over so you walk out with pride feeling flawless and as light as a feather.


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