Gorgeous Tikki Mehndi Design Ideas for 2022

Gorgeous Tikki Mehndi Design Ideas for 2022

Who doesn’t love mehndi – especially for those festive occasions? If you’re looking for some tikki mehndi design ideas for 2022 weddings or eid and holiday celebrations, here are some ideas!

What Are Popular Tikki Mehndi Designs in 2022?

Tikki mehndi is usually a round mehndi design that can be dressed up with more details or simple and straightforward with minimal flourishes. It is an ideal choice for people who prefer simple mehndi but still want to look festive and beautiful. With minimalist fashion all the rage and people opting for simple round tikki mehndi designs even when it comes to bridal mehndi, you can bet that you will always look timeless and classy.

How to Make Tikki Mehndi Designs

Tikki mehndi designs can be customized in a number of ways. Here are a few basic steps to create a look you love!

  • Start with a centered design. Whether you are going for a plain circle or a more intricate design, tikki mehndi designs should start from the center of your palm.
  • Add a border around your basic circle. This can be in the form of delicate flowers or thin lines – be as creative as you like.
  • Finger mehndi is what is going to complete the look. Without it, your tikki design might look a little lonely. There are a few ways you can add finger mehndi – simple mehndi colored into your fingertips can work or you can add floral patterns based on what you prefer.
  • Finally, finish off with a mehndi designed cuff on your wrist.

Round Tikki Mehndi Designs 2022

Old school tikki mehndi cult favorite design – this tikki mehdni style involves a simple circle with a border and stained fingertips. You can play around with the details as much as you want but the start of the show will always be a bold, simple round circle of mehndi in the center of your palm.

Tikki Mehndi Design for Bridal Looks 2022

The secret to making any mehndi design look perfect for brides is to add more intricate details even if the elements are simple. Adding a wrist cuff or more detailed finger mehndi pattern will make your hands look completely bridal ready!

Trendy Tikki Mehndi Designs 2022

Don’t want to go simple or go all out? Here are some ideas to add a mixture of simplicity and trendiness together!

Which design is your favorite? Let us know!

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