7 Time Management Tips and Hacks to Be More Productive!

7 Time Management Tips and Hacks to Be More Productive!

Managing time is one of the hardest to master skillset that ever exists!

Unless you’re super orderly and work in a meticulous manner, then you’re definitely gifted and people must get inspired by looking at how you manage your time.

But, the truth is, the majority of the people are prone to slacking off. Especially, young people because of all the distractions they have going around them.

They’d be working on their research for an assignment and then the next thing you know is their sitting back and laughing over a video compilation of animal fails. At least we’re guilty of doing that!

So, If you face the same struggle in managing time then there are number of ways you can try and keep your focus to become good managing time and increase your productivity level.

Check out these tips and hacks below so you can achieve your goal of being punctual and organized!

1) Write Down Your Schedule!

Writing down what you intend to do for the whole day actually helps. Keeping a notebook handy or having a planner will motivate you and actually push you to do the work you’re been stalling for a long time

2) Keep Important Things as a Priority

There is always that one thing that needs to be done but we keep stalling it, so, when you’re finally focusing on learning to manage your time, start with completing all your priority and urgent tasks first before you end up having more things to do that are of equal importance

3) Set Reminders or Alarms

It’s easy to get distracted and lose your chain of focus. But it has been noted that alarms or setting reminders actually push one to take action!

4) Learn to Say No

The biggest and most common reason why people end up wasting time is that they overindulge in leisure activities and end up being too casual about your schedule, so, the best way to overcome this is by learning to say no and sticking by it.

5) Practice Waking Up Early

Those 5 more minutes of sleep may feel like heaven in the morning but let’s face it, it can actually waste valuable time. Since our bodies are biologically designed to function more productively in the morning, we’re likely to accomplish more!

6) Practice the 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule is used a lot in successful business management strategies. The 80/20 rule states that 20% of your activities and work will account for 80% percent of the results you yield. So, it is about working smart and dedicating your focus for important and priority tasks

7) Set an App Usage Limit on your Phone

If you’re addicted to your phone a little too much and feel guilty about it, well hey, it’s normal, we’re in a digital age anyway, right? But if you find yourself wasting your time at a particular app then you can keep a “usage limit” on those apps by going to your phone’s settings. This can keep you from going overboard with spending too much time on your phone.

Have any more ideas to manage time? Let us know in the comments!

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