Tips & Tricks to Study Well for Your Exams

Tips & Tricks to Study Well for Your Exams

Exams can be stressful. They are exhausting and your anxiety level is extremely high. All you’re thinking is how you’ll prepare for them, how you’ll perform in the exams and how you’ll score. But, with these study tips, you can take a deep breath and chill out. Preparation is the key. All you need to do is prepare yourself well so you’re not stressed the last minute.
Here are a few study tips for exams which will help you score great and stay stress-free at the same time.

Give Yourself Time to Study


Leaving your study plans for the last minute can be the worst decision because this usually leads to anxiety and stress. You can do your revisions but learning and practicing last minute is a bad idea.

To avoid this, you need to give yourself some time and work with time management. You need to make a timetable for your study plan and divide your subjects according to the exam dates. Some subjects even require extra time and attention so you need to maintain a balance between them. Other than that, give yourself a little break or treat everyday so that you don’t get too exhausted.

Organize Your Study Space


This is the most important step to focus. If you have your books and your notes spread our everywhere, you’ll keep feeling distracted and even annoyed. So, make sure you have enough space that makes you feel comfortable, helps you breathe and even allows you to put your textbooks that you’re studying with. You also need to make sure your study room/table has enough light.

Moreover, you need to remove our mobile phone, your games and even stay away from television or anything that catches your attention. Silence helps you study in the best manner however some students need music to study so anything that keeps you focused should work.

Past Papers are a Great Help


One of the best ways to prepare for your exams is to practice as much as possible. To have an idea of what your exams would look like, you should study from the past papers. Do this once you’re fully prepared and practice papers from the past 5-10 years so you have an idea of the pattern, the kind of questions that might come and the amount of time tou need to serve to every section of the exam paper.

A Little Snack Treat Does Wonders


Your brain gets so exhausted while studying that your tend to feel hungry. Some students do not even realize they’re hungry while they actually are. Quick snacking and munching helps you gain some energy and allows you study better.

Nutritious food like nuts, seeds, yogurt, berries, fruits, milk etc. are brain food that’ll let your brain get fuelled unlike junks like chips, biscuits and chocolates that may seem appealing but they’ll leave you hungry, make your energy levels crash real quick and make you gain weight too. Even before your exam, make sure you eat something healthy so that you are fully energized and don’t lose the

Understand Rather Than Just Learning


If you keep on learning your notes rather than understanding them, you’ll probably just forget it. Explain your answers to yourself or maybe someone at home so that you know how much you’ve understood. This will also help you determine areas that you need to work more on.

Consider Studying With a Group of Friends


A group study session also helps you study well. It helps you solve queries that you probably never knew you had. Also, this creates a sense of competition and helps you perform better too. This will also help you understand stuff that you’re not good at but your friends probably are and vice versa. So, that’s a win-win!

Take Regular Breaks


While studying, your brain gets really tired and demands a little break even if it is just for 5 minutes. All you need to do is prepare a routine for yourself that will allow you mini breaks after every alternate hour or longer breaks after a couple of hours. Eat something, watch TV, play a game, use your phone, talk to people around you or sleep a little and just refresh yourself and get back to study.

Drink Plenty of Water


Water, water and lots of water is always the key! Keep yourself hydrated all the time because that’s how your brain works the best. Keep a water bottle near you so that you feel thirsty every time you see it. This really is essential for you as a student.

Plan Your Exam Day


For the main day, you need to make sure you’re not only prepared for the subject but also your bag, your stationery, your enrollment card or any other important documents that you need. Make sure you read all the rules and regulations to sit the exam and also, plan your route to make sure you don’t get late.

All set to study? Good Luck! 😉

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