Tom Hiddleston from Thor Falls on His Face While Shooting Marvel’s LOKI Show

Tom Hiddleston from Thor Falls on His Face While Shooting Marvel’s LOKI Show

Thor’s well-known brother and Asgaard’s thrickster, Loki, is getting his very own LOKI show, and fans are extremely thrilled about it! But let’s admit one thing – however invincible Loki might look, the actor playing him, Tom Hiddleston, is not.

Work for the new Loki Show by Marvel has officially started. And on Monday, Tom Hiddleston posted a behind-the-scenes video on his Instagram, showing his fans how his training is coming along.

In the video, Hiddleston takes a huge leap while suspended by cables. And while he should supposedly be landing like a superhero, he falls flat on his face!

He jokes in the video’s caption, ” Prep is going really well. #Loki”. Hiddleston shares updates on the new Loki series via his Instagram. He started playing Chris Hemsworth’s cheeky and villainous brother in 2011’s Thor. And continued the role, Thor: The Dark World and then, Thor: Ragnarok.

In December 2019, Tom Hiddleston posted an image of him with the Loki crew. He captioned the image, ” Team Loki. Prep has officially begun! See you in the New Year.” In the image, he tagged the show’s director and writer, Kate Herron, and creative producer, Kevin R. Wright.

Tom Hiddleston is set to be the protagonist of the show, that follows the story of Loki as he acquired the Infinity Stone in Avengers: Endgame to go around the universe and engage in different adventures.

The series was announced in November 2018 and will go live on Disney Plus in Spring 2021.

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