2017 was a year full of  fashion trends we were all obsessed with following – here’s a round up of the top 17 fashion trends we thought were unforgettable!

1 ) Frills and Pearls

From fashion designers to retail outlets, everyone was going gaga over frills and pearls! Be it frilly sleeves or just a lace added at the bottom of your shirt, pearls and frills were a popular trend throughout the every season – especially wedding season. Surely a trend to carry on be it eastern of western fashion.

2) Matching Duos 

One one of the chicest fashion trends of 2017 appeared to me macing duos! From Kate Middleton to Urwa Hocane every fashionista was seen dawning in her matching duos classy choice of matching duos.

3) Cold-Cut Shoulders

The most overdone trend of the year was the cut out shoulder! No doubt we all love it and can’t get enough of it, but there’s also no denying, it was the most one of them all!

4) Shoulder Resting Jackets

If you can’t wear it, rest it? Thats right! one of the most uber fashionable trends of the year was not actually wearing the jacket but actually just draping it on your shoulders.

5) Mascara Overload

The more mascara the better – a girl can never go wrong if her mascara is flawless! While everyone was religiously embracing the no-make-up look last year, girls were big on overloading that mascara! nothing better then a fresh and natural face with lashes to die for!

6) Knotted Pants

Knotted pants were seen to be quite the hot trend amongst us ladies last year. Be it a Kurt or a long kameez, knotted pants add just the right amount of style to all your desi look!

7) Bold Brows

Never underestimate the power of a perfectly bold brow! you hear us! 2017 was all about having the perfectly shaped, dark and bushy bold brow gone at the days to pluck those brows girls!

8) The Jumper Swag

Even the most fashion savvy chikita on the block was obsessed with the laid back sweatpants and jumper swag in the last year! we absolutely loved this effortless trend alert!

9) Fringes

Inspired by the western fashion designers, fringes were quite the fashion trend to follow where it was in formal designer wear or a simple suede jacket or even the at the daaman of a Kurti.

 10) Tulips Shalwars 

A twist to the traditional shalwar is the modern and very trendy tulip shalwar that makes almost any and every kurta look on point!

11) High Waisted Culottes

The perfect piece of clothing to take your outfit a notch higher not he fashion charts. Pair it with a crop top or even a shirt tucked in and you’ll sure to make a statment!

12) Bold Lip Colours

We all love a pop of color, but 2017 was all about bold hues in terms of lip shades. Branching out from the usual reds, last year we saw a lot of maroons, deep purples, dark fuchsia and taupe brown shades in make-up trends and we loved it!

13) Demin Forever

Unlike most other trends, denim is a year round trend that keeps itself changing and relevant! 2017 saw a lot of denim duos as well.

14) Trainers

Trainer mania was on the high in 2017 and will continue to be next year! There was absolutely no one who wasn’t obsessed with a trendy pair of trainers this year.

15) Sling and Cross Body Bags

Convenient and fashionable – sling bags were making an impact at every fashion event this year!  They’re good choice if you don’t know what to wear, either way you’ll rock it!

16) Glitter Lids

A person favorite make-up trend to follow was the glitter lids. Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle whether its for a wedding look or a date night?

17) Burgundy Beauty

The hottest trending shade for clothing was seen to be burgundy in 2017. Celebrities were seen sporting the beautiful bold shade at red carpet events while everyone wanted to their hands on the perfect Burgundy clothing item to always be on trend.

Usman Ghani

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