Transform Your Home into a Gym with These Products

Transform Your Home into a Gym with These Products

As this year is ending and people are welcoming the new year, there’s always a burst of motivation to shed those pounds.

Let’s face it, we ALL have “joining a gym” on our to-do notes but never end up doing it. This is sometimes due to the busy schedule and time restriction that most of us are not able to stay fit…it also partially can be because we’re too lazy and keep putting it off for tomorrow.

We all look for an easier and faster solution, but the truth is, you need persistence and patience. If you’re looking to get fit but need that motivation and ease to work out anytime, then your solution can be a “Gym at Home”

Making your gym at can be a little expensive but it has many benefits that last you long term! You save up the super pricey registrations charges and monthly fees and the best part, you can start working out ANYTIME!

So, if you’re looking to start a home based gym, you’re at the right place.

We’ve listed down ALL the products you need to build a home gym. Click on any product to buy!


Treadmills are an essential when it comes to working out. It is almost a synonym with gym. You ought to have one for your home based gym!

Exercise Cycle Machines

Cycle machines are a best over all work out routine. It targets your glutes, core and legs. Just 20 mins daily will get you fit!

Core and Abdomen Machines

We all want to lose that stubborn belly fat! Get these portable abs and core workout machines to get a flat belly

Chest Bench Press

Feel your muscles form at home with these affordable bench presses you can stock for your home gym

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

Get into pumped up work out zone with these pull up bars that can be mounted anywhere at your home!

Machines Targeted for Legs

These leg curls and leg abduction machine are a bit pricey and mostly used commercially but if you’re an avid work out freak, you could be interested!

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines target your lower abdomen, chest and arms. It’s a good over all work out at home when you have busy schedule

Plyo box

Up your jumping jacks game with a plyo box and get your core in shape!

Boxing Accessories and Gears

If you’re into MMA or boxing, you would definitely love these!

Elliptical trainers

Elliptical trainers work best when you’re looking for a light cardio that gets you pumped up

Body Twisters

Lose those waist inches with a body twister. This can be placed anywhere!


Strength training is the most effective form of toning your body. Thus, dumbbells should be on your list at all costs!

Yoga Mats

Whether it’s aerobics, yoga, or any cardio work out, Yoga mats are the utmost gym priority

Triceps Bar

Get those triceps in shape with these triceps bar that are super convenient and can be hooked anywhere at home

Workout Accessories

Getting these accessories can motivate you to work out even more and more proficiently!

Grip Pads for Women
Grip Pads for Gym
Weightlifting Arm Blaster
Protein Shakers

Gym Wear

Working out is incomplete without gym clothes!

Sports Shaper Bra
Men’s Compression Shirt

Pair of Women’s Tights
Pair of Men’s Work out Sweatpants

If you’re looking for gym supplements, you can check out our blog: “An Ultimate Guide to All the Fitness Supplements You’ll Find on Daraz!

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