Eid Daraz Se: Trending Eid Dresses 2022

Eid Daraz Se: Trending Eid Dresses 2022

Are you looking for the latest trending dresses in Pakistan for Eid 2022? Then, you have come on the right place. Eid Daraz Se presents the Eid fashion store 2022 that brings you the latest trendiest dresses for girls and boys to wear on every single significant event on this year’s Eid. 

If you are the one who is struggling in choosing the correct attire to wear on different Eid gatherings such as Eid dinner, Eid brunch, Eid chand raat and so on, then Daraz go your back. To enjoy the latest designs from high-end brands, you only need to be on Daraz Mall in this Ramadan to get the trending dress for Eid at your doorsteps within days! 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the trending Eid dresses to ace your look for every affair of Eid 2022. 

Eid Dinner Look

Eid-ul-fitr dinner is one of the most awaited events of the year in the Muslim household. It is the time where all the family members enjoy desi feast, hob nob with cousins, and most importantly, take a lot of pictures. The Eid dinner look contains a lot of significance, it should not be generic, exudes ethnicity and must have the novelty to set you apart in your family gathering.

Check out the exclusive Eid dinner look collection on Daraz:

Look for Men

Look for Women

Eid Brunch Look

The brunch of Eid day is the first showtime of the big event. However, the dilemma that remains constant every year is “what do I wear on Eid brunch? Moreover, the scorching heat of May would not make the selection process any easier of donning an ethnic wear. To enjoy Eid brunch in summers, you would require something easy breezy that contains the blend of elegance, brisk, and glamorous that effortlessly made you the center of attention.

Daraz has come up with some easy solutions to your problem. Its latest Eid Daraz Se collection contains some trending and most stylish Pakistani Eid dresses that you choose for your brunch look.

Look for Men


Look for Women

Eid Fusion Look

Eid fusion is the new phenomenon and is getting more popular in Pakistani fashion. The fusion look is the artistic mixture of two or more cultures that add a dignified class to your personality and surely made some head turn at this Eid gatherings.

Check out the latest fusion look on Eid Daraz Se fashion campaign:

Chand Raat Look

Chand raat, the night before Eid, is equally exciting, entertaining and energetic as the main event. This is the night when the Eid moon is sighted and people start to celebrate it with hyper enthusiasm. This day is reserved for women to apply mehndi and visit parlors for big day preparation. Other than preparation, chand raat in Pakistan is celebrated with full zest and people celebrate it by donning new casual attire to have a good time with close friends and family members.

Ethnic Look

The desi attire or ethnic look is the easy-peasy way to look good in a party. Ethnic clothes are used to give a more natural look to both men and women. Regardless of age, class, and gender, ethnic look is cultural fits for everyone in any event. Eid is one of the biggest religious events in Pakistan, and the ethnic attire is the prototype dress to add grace in your personality.

Trendy 80’s Look

The 80’s look is an evergreen trend that looks fresh, edgy, and charming at the same time. So, why not celebrate this Eid in Pakistan with the iconic 80’s style that is a classic mixture of vibrant colors, eccentric patterns, and baggy fitting to give yourself a eccentric Eid look.

Casual Chic Look

A casual yet fashionable look is a great way to celebrate Eid. Casual chic look for Eid is an easy way of looking smart without donning any formal attire. The blend of streetwear and sophisticated look gives an unique look that sets you apart from anyone effortlessly. 

Here is the latest Daraz’s collection to give an exceptional casual chic look on this Eid:

Iftar Look 

Getting the perfect Iftar look is a quite challenging task. You need to make an arduous fashion blend of stylish and discrete looks. To ease your work, Daraz brought to you a fine collection of Iftar dresses to get a mixture of modest and glamorous look. 

Check out the exclusive design by Daraz fashion to get the iconic Iftar look in 2022:

Look for Men

Look for Women

Eid at Home Look

Are you among those girls who do not want to make a fuss about Eid, who does not have any plan to go out of home, and just want an effortless get-up-and-go dress for this Eid? Then, Daraz has a perfect outfit for you.

Check out Daraz’s Eid at home look dresses that specially made for you to spend the special day at the comfort of your home.

So what are you waiting for? Just head over to Daraz App, check out trending Eid dresses and start your shopping spree from Eid Daraz Se collection!

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