Turning the Tables in South Asian Data Science

Immersed in data, the world disparate sources with every click we make on the mouse to purchase something of the internet. The trail of information is captured and stored which is used in future by data scientists to help retailers attract you in making your next purchase. Data revolution has brought technological advancements in the e-Commerce space. Data storage, cloud computing and data sciences helps businesses identify patterns which can be responsible for the next purchase you make.

In South Asia, the adaptability to the use of Data in the growing e-Commerce landscape is responsible for the progress. The innovative penetration and increasing usage of internet, attributes to an increase in time spent on social media by young mass. Data science in e-Commerce helps businesses provide a richer understanding of the customer by capturing and integrating the information on the customer behavior. This approach leads to the purchase of a product or service and how customers engage with different channels.

The internet penetration has made it accessible for many to shop online. The enhanced volume of data available for analysis advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence and other analytical technologies will allow data scientists to evaluate the vast pool of data faster and more effectively.

To ensure sufficient scale, speed and security, e-Commerce giants choose to optimize their data analytics operations to create personalize experience. Investing in dedicated servers that put the power of cloud computing in their hands, data scientists focuses on personalization via machine learning. Finding the right match of the product, improving search results, better browsing based on historical data; Data scientists analyze the previous data to create a better shopping experience.

The involvement of data is not restricted to customers only but also creates ease for sellers. In the latest episode of DarazCast ft. Abeer Khan, he talks about how Alibaba has contributed to the improving Data infrastructure in Pakistan. Creating a personalize experience for a “Cold Starter”, teams are working towards directing relevant queries to the sellers. Having the access to State-of-the-art technology and first-hand experience of working with Alibaba’s tech team, the data team is working on finding easy solutions benefiting the sellers.

With e-Commerce companies working towards churning customer prediction by accumulating historical data, these new feature engineering techniques will change the e-Commerce landscape in the near future.

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Usman Ghani

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