Unique Speakers You Won’t Believe Actually Work

Unique Speakers You Won’t Believe Actually Work

1) This speaker that comes in the shape of Iron Man’s helmet

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Tony Stark would be proud of this creation and so will the Marvel fan in you (or in your life)! This helmet comes in silver/gray and red and doubles as a fan tribute to everyone’s favorite Avengers.

2) This Levitating Speaker That is Just too Cool for Words

Not only is this such a statement piece to add to your home decor, it will also make listening to your favorite songs all the more exciting!

3) This football shaped speaker that is every sports fan’s dream

This cute football is a great novelty addition to your home and the fact that it doubles as a speaker is a total bonus!

4) This spooky skull

Its also available in different colors and finishes – check it out!

If you’re a horror fan, we can’t think of anything better for you than this ultra cool skull shaped speaker. Bring on the spook!

5) How about this nostalgic Pokemon ball?

If you were a fan of Pokemon in your childhood, this little throwback piece is for you! Catch all your favorite tunes with this Pokeball speaker!

6) This rad motorbike that looks like a wooden art piece

This motorbike looks like a gorgeous wooden art piece but the fact that it doubles as a speaker is just part of the reason we love it!

7) This toy truck isn’t really a toy truck at all!

Make sure to keep this truck away from any little ones if you have them around. You don’t want them smashing your speakers into any wall!

8) Retro telephone

Who really uses landlines anymore? But if you want to give a nice nod to the era where dial phones looked like this, grab this vintage phone speaker that acts a decor piece while still blasting your favorite music.

10) Turn Table

If you’ve always loved the old world charm of a turn table and records, you’ll love this turn table speaker. Now you get the look you want without the fuss of handling records.

11) How about this no-BS bulldog?

This bulldog looks exactly the way we feel when we tune into our favorite song and zone out.

12) Or incredibly trendy looking cat?

If you’re more of a cat person, this uber cool kitty is for you.

13) This robot who will look adorable blasting your favorite tunes

We just cant get enough of this adorable robot speaker and we promise you, neither will you! There are tons of cute designs to choose from. You’re definitely going to find the one meant for you!

14) Think your smoker friends will know this cigarette box isn’t for cigarettes?

Trick those annoying friends who always try to snag a cigarette from your stash with this snazzy Marlboro box shaped speaker!

15) We bet no one will guess this vintage radio is actually a modern Bluetooth speaker!

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Just like the turn table speaker, we think this vintage inspired radio speaker oozes old world charm. We’d love to have it as a statement decor piece around the house!

15) Blend technology and nature with these flower pot speakers!

These speakers triple time as speakers, decor, and plant holders. What more can you want, really?

Which one’s your favorite? Let us know!

Bilal Uddin


  • Hey Taimoor! You can browse prices and order your Pokemon speaker on Daraz by clicking the link below the picture. Enjoy! 🙂

  • Can i buy the Pokémon one and what’s it’s price

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