Up your button-down game with this quick guide

Up your button-down game with this quick guide

What does it take to turn an outfit from boring to trendy?

First step towards taking a simple outfit from trendy to fun is studying the piece. Every piece has its own style, fall, cut, drape and silhouette so you have to be careful about how much you can really play with it. Over-styling can sometimes look forced and take away from the outfit as a whole. Keep your look simple and trendy. Let’s say you wear a white shirt from your closet and can’t figure out how to liven up an outfit that’s seemingly boring. Here’s how; just try to think out of the box when it comes to styling and don’t be afraid to experiment. But remember, styling is very personal and what may look great on someone else might not work for you. 

Not only do you have to find your style, the style must find you.


  • White button-downs are classic and effortless – there is no better combo than pairing a crisp white shirt with blue jeans. Tuck in both front flaps or just one flap, roll up your sleeves and accessorize with a brown leather belt
  • Knotting the loose ends of your shirt is the fastest way to jazz up your outfit
  • You could even button your shirt all the way to the top and button the cuffs – go for a very proper look for work or even a lunch date with friends.
  • Try wearing a plaid or stripped shirt either on top of a standard solid colour or printed t-shirt or even tie it around your waist. My personal favourite and what I usually like to wear be it literally any time of the day is the journalist semi-tuck shirt look – pop that collar back, roll up your sleeves and just tuck one side of your shirt in your pants or jeans and pair it with a belt, layered choker, and white sneakers for an effortless look.


Usman Ghani

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