What Kind of Chai Are You?

What Kind of Chai Are You?

Chai is not just a drink, it’s an entire language! Find out what type of chai you are by taking our quiz.

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Choose a mug.
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Choose some biscuits to dip in your chai.



Choose some chips to munch on.



Choose an exotic fruit to try.
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Dragon fruit
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Choose your favorite mithai.
Besan k ladoo
Pista rolls
Walnut halwa
Gulab Jamun



Choose a paratha flavor oou love .



If you weren't having chai, what would you be having right now?
Flavored milk
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Hot chocolate



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What Kind of Chai Are You?

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Bilal Uddin


  • Tea demaagh ko shuck raky !!

  • Why this article is not opening

  • Tea is not a only tea tea is a relaxation of minde

  • Coffee only

  • Mujy call karna

  • Mujy call karna

  • Taza dam Taza Taza Damage Chai

  • Hot tea

  • Aik chae ki na mile misal dosri main bemisaal

  • Lepton pati wali kark chai

  • Strong tea

  • Karak chai

  • Doodh Patti Strong

  • Dhood patti

  • Kashmiri Chai

  • Chai tea is a black tea blend from India and literally translates to “tea” in Hindi. The tea is full of flavor because of its many spices, like ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, black pepper and cloves. Star anise, coriander seeds and peppercorns are other well-liked options.

  • Doodh patti

  • Doodh patti

  • Vital tea with everyday milk

  • Doodh Patti

  • Karak cha

  • Elachi wali doodh patti

  • Coffee

  • Doodh Patti chai super ☕

  • My favorite malai chai and Biryani

  • It should be kashmiri Chai with extra dry fruits

  • Dodh patti karak chai

  • Chai se mind fresh taza ho jate

  • Pakistan zindabad

  • Chen I kum Patti ziyada… Karak dudh patti

  • Karak doodh Patti chai

  • cardamom

  • Kahmiri chai

  • Chai Jasa maza kisi or Kahan .

  • Goat Milk Tea ❤

  • Strong tea 💪

  • Karak chai

  • Karak chae

  • Karak doodh Patti chae

  • Dodh patients mar k lana zra😍😁

  • Doodh patti

  • Chai malai mar ky

  • Doodh Patti

  • دودھ پتی




  • Chai dhud pati zabardas 👌

  • Chai dhod pati mar kay
    Chai wo jiss kay leay aap fight krnay ko be ready ho😈

  • Karak doodh Patti chae

  • For . omfortable

  • Coffee wala

  • Chai sir drd dorr kre….

  • Chai sir drd dor kre….

  • This is not working :/

  • Karak chai

  • I am lovin it. 😋

  • Karak chai as it holds a good flavour of tea the aroma of tea is something magical tea is love golden color of tea is everything u need to get in good mood.

  • Karak Tea

  • Doodh pati

  • Dood patti

  • Tapal patti.
    Chaeeni rok k.
    Patti thokk k.

  • Chai woh h mere liye jisko main bayan nai Kar sakta na mile to HoSh nai rehta agar mile to Josh aajata he

  • Chay mera pyar ha meri jan ha din 2 3 bar chay na mily to bechani c lagi rehti ha

  • All meeting ki jan hy chai

  • Dodh patti
    must ha

  • After breakfast i like chay and after dinner also.
    And jis chay main chahet nai
    us chay ka koi maza nai

  • Doodh Patisserie very famous in Tea. gava of saudi is also like

  • In Europe and Arab world we normally drink Sulaimani Tea, its a Black Tea without milk but with sugar and saffron petals

  • Greentea

  • Dood pati is my favorite tea.

  • Jan h meri chai m garmi ho ya sardi chai chaiaaa h bhaiiii

  • Chai ho hot or daraz ho host

  • Khushi ho gami ho only chai be the part ever!!❤

  • Jese bhi ho bas Chai chahiye❤️

  • Garam garam chaye ho aur halki halki barish ho..ap ka mehboob ap sath ho….to phir chaye zindagi ka aik haseen lutf deti hai

  • Dhoodh patti

  • Karak chai

  • Doodh patti

  • Adraq wali chai yea he to hai wo apna pan

  • Vital peyo zindagi Geo…!

  • It fresh out mind
    we feel good when we drink chji

  • Doodh patti chai is a favourite drink r every Pakistani

  • Caji

  • I love the in rain day..

  • I use to have 6 to 7 cups of tea in a day… 😉 Is there any one who is like me…

  • tea lover i love tea is best in morning

  • Tea is my first love

  • I love tea

  • Doodh patti

  • Chai is best in morning

  • Badam chai

  • Kawachi best he chai na mele to din guzar na mosh Kil huja ta h 😋😋😋😋

  • Karachi

  • Chai na milay tu kuch na mila chai k bina din adhora

  • Doodh Patti hotel wali

  • Doodh pati 🥰

  • Chai is very mast drink

  • My pain killer tea

  • Dudh Pati ♥️😍

  • Chai peenay se khoon ki rawani taiz hoti hy jiski waja se insaan fit rehta hy chai very emportant for our life

  • Chai is blood in body.

  • Best chai

  • Chai is the best to boost my mind is good lquid for morning

  • Same as above

  • Chai mein Kya bat he maza he Maza he…

  • Tea is something like motivation and boost your starting day.

  • Tea is awesome

  • Tea make my day energetic

  • Tea is good

  • Tea is best and daraz is best

  • Chai is fantastic

  • Chai is vary nic

  • Tea was fantastic

  • I like tae

  • Tea taking is nice to remain active

  • I like Tandoori chai

  • Chai zindagi hai meri

  • Chsi is my life

  • Milk wale garam chai

  • Milk wali special krak chai %100

  • 100% milk wali special krak chai

  • Tight Chai

  • Garam karak chay

  • Taiz Chai

  • KFC

  • Dodh pati chai

  • done… ab karak chai pila do

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