What’s Valentines Day Without a Touch of Red

What’s Valentines Day Without a Touch of Red

The first colour that pops up in your head the second you hear the word or even think of valentines day, is red. Ever wondered why and how people came to associate red with Valentines day? I mean seriously? Isn’t red the colour of anger and danger? I suppose with all the red roses, red hearts, red balloons and red overdose, v day does tend to get a little annoying for some of us single ladies out there but then again, for all those who love Valentines day as much as we do, red is the colour of love. Red also symbolizes passion and desire. The power colour is said to increase your heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure. Hmm..keeping in mind the danger theory, I suppose you’re in dangerous territory when you fall in love.

Evidently, the studies into human psychology also explain that red is a colour of attraction and this theory carries over to women as well – women find men more attractive and desirable when they see photos of men on a red background or dressed in red. Maybe it’s that red power tie thing. On the other hand, all men would agree there is nothing more appealing and capturing than a woman in the perfect red dress!

Be it anger, love, passion or just the desire to look beautiful, what is Valentines day without a touch of red. Check out our list of some statement, heading-turning red pieces you don’t want to miss out on!

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