Wondering Why Pakistanis Are Obsessed With Ertugrul? Here’s Why!

Wondering Why Pakistanis Are Obsessed With Ertugrul? Here’s Why!

The Turkish show Diriliş: Ertugrul in Pakistan has been trending massively and all for the right reasons!

The popular Turkish show allows you to delve into an action-packed and historical era of the Islamic world in the 12th Century before the Ottoman Empire came into being as Ertugrul was the father of Osman I who formed the Ottoman Empire

The show is based on the lives Muslim Oghuz Turks, Suleyman Shah and Ertugrul. and how they fought against Mongols, Christian Byzantines, Knights Templar Crusaders and other empires in Anatolia.

It is a remarkable adaptation of Islamic history in a great storyline and by talented actors, but, what is that is making Pakistanis go crazy about the show?

Are you curious?

Here’s why Ertugrul in Pakistan has gotten everyone obsessed with Netflix!

1) The Pack of Alliance between Pakistan and Turkey!

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There’s always been a great support and alliance between Turkey and Pakistan. This gives the obsession to rise without a little guilt and allows us to understand the roots of their culture. Even the Prime Minister agrees!

2) The Hero – Ertuğrul Gazi

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The charismatic and brave hero that we all need right now, the main character of the show proves to be an aspiration for young Pakistanis as it allows them to look forward to one of the greatest Muslim men in history that no history books ever talked about!

3) It’s the Muslim Version of Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones has had a huge cult following until last year (the disappointed still strings) whereas many people have come forward as to dub Ertugrul similar to GOT with the screenplay, historical fights and the conquest to lead an empire the show has. But at least Ertugrul “knew something”‘ other than bending the knee!

4) A Big-Relate with the Religious Sentiments

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You know what the say about Pakistani, we’re an emotional country when it comes to religion, culture and patriotism. This very trait is what has made the show a huge hit as many of the Pakistanis can relate to the Islamic semantics followed in the show.

5) Action Packed Fights!

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The show features some real intense fights that are bound to get our Pakistani’s on the edge of their couches watching the show rooting and cheering for the brave Ertugrul Ghazi…I mean look at those moves!

6) Everyone’s Favourite, Halime Sultan!

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What’s being obsessed with a show when you’re not obsessed with the leading actress of the show am I right? But with Halime Sultan, the level is a little higher for us Pakistanis. Halime Sultan was the wife of Ertugrul and her role is an important one in the show. She’s not just there for eye candy but she proves to be highly influential and strong in the decisions of the empire!

7) Oh..and a Little More Intense Action

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We need to mention this twice, the reason why this show has gained many positive reviews is the production and directions. You won’t see any ounce of extra effects that shows the opponent flying with one mega punch but you’ll experience proper combat that accurately depicts history the and use of soft power that allowed the success of the Empire!

8) The Long-Awaited Positive Depiction of the Muslim World!

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The reason for the popularity of Ertugrul in Pakistani is because of the almost emotional level portrayal of the Golden Age of Muslims. Many historical sources, the biases of the colonial world and the western dominance exist but the show gives a great example of the Islamic teachings and how the Muslim rulers followed them with every decision which led to their success!

If you still haven’t seen the show yet, then you need to start ASAP and hop on the bandwagon and see for yourself if it is actually worth it.

Where to Watch Ertugrul in Pakistan

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