Find Out Why Laser TVs Are Better Than QLED & OLED

Find Out Why Laser TVs Are Better Than QLED & OLED

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In these highly advanced times, when technology is upgrading by the minute, it’s no surprise that the television technology is very much following the same path.

Today, we have various TV technology available in the market – LCD, QLED, OLED, Micro LED and Laser Display, to name the most prominent ones. All these technologies are constantly experiencing developments, but the real question is: Which TV technology is best for you?

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There is much debate over this topic, but the technology that mostly has the the favor tilted towards itself is Laser Display Television. And the main reason for that is that laser televisions offer practical benefits. Allow us to tell what these benefits are:

Improved Color Reproduction

With laser display technology, you can expect to get an amazingly high spectral purity, accurate color reproduction along with the best experience in an unparalleled performance in color expression.

Because of the laser display, viewers experience minimal color distortion when seeing with their naked eyes. There are several studies that also prove that purer the color , higher is the brightness, and together, these two factors improve the television’s color display greatly.

Superior Eye Protection

The main defining feature of laser display televisions is the luminescence of reflection imaging. This is proven to have a positive effect on the health and protection of the viewer’s eyes.

Laser TVs have the feature of passive illumination of reflective imaging, which is more comfortable for the eyes. This makes for a far more satisfying and comfortable watching experience. According to a study on Hisense Laser TV’s effects on visual health and comfort, Laser TV is not just better than LCD TVs but is 20% better than reading off a paper!

Another study also proved that within a 3 meter visual distance, the laser TV is much more comfortable to watch than it is to watch LCD TV.

Better for Expanding Screen Sizes

Since a long time, people have become more interested in watching on bigger and bigger screens. And it is now safe to say, that the era of large screen TVs is here. This is where laser display, once again, takes the lead.

As technology continues to advance, the resolution of video content is also becoming better and better. Consequently, demand for larger screen TVs is increasing strongly. This goes perfectly with the advantages of laser TVs, especially in big screens. The new laser TVs are friendlier and more comfortable for the naked eyes, thus making them a preferred choice for big screens. In addition, compared to other TVs, they’re also easier to move and more energy-saving too (depending on the screen-size).

More Cost-Friendly Than LCDs, OLEDs and QLEDs

The LCD, OLED and QLED technologies are not advanced enough to reduce their manufacturing costs anytime soon. These television technologies require huge capital investments, along with massive energy consumption in their production, adding up to make high costs.

With laser TV, however, such problems are not much relevant. Because the screen, lens, optical path and laser of the TV is not dedicated to the TV itself, laser displays demand lesser investment in comparison.

Hisense has been the number one company that has acted as the trail blazer in bring laser TVs to Pakistan. The company had discovered the laser tv technology route after 4 years of trial and error.

Television has become a necessary source of entertainment in every household. People are now looking for better and improved versions to take their entertainment up a notch. To meet the increasing demands of larger screens, better visual safety, energy conservation, cost savings and environment friendly technology, laser televisions are indeed a much better option, offering a variety of practical benefits (as listed above).

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