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Who doesn’t know about Dirilis Ertugrul (or Resurrection Ertugrul) anymore? The popular Turkish show has taken the Muslim community all around the globe by a pleasant surprise.

Ertugrul Bey’s bravery, Halime Sultan’s unwavering, Turgut Alp’s exemplary commandment and the Kayi tribe’s support for the cause of Islam is a legendary story of Muslim history that was never told so brilliantly before.

For all you Ertugrul fans out there, here’s a collection of productiosn you’d definitely want to have!

Let’s start with Ertugrul’s characteristic thumb ring! The famous metallic ring that has the Kayi logo on on it – we all know what it looks like!

Original Kayi Tribe IYI Flag Drillis Ertugrul Thumb Ring

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A true fan always has a t-shirt of their favorite fandoms! Here’s an Ertugrul themed t-shirt that you must own to prove your loyalty to Ertugrul and the Kayis!

Official IYI KAYI Ertugrul Cotton T-Shirt - Royal Blue

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If you don’t have an Ertugrul mug, then can you even call yourself a fan?

Ertugrul Dirilis Mug for ertugrul lovers
Ertugrul Dirilis Mug for ertugrul lovers
Ertugrul Dirilis Mug for ertugrul lovers

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Turgut Alp is one of the bravest men on the show. Who can forget his mastery with his oh-so-popular axe? If you love Turgut and his axe, then this keychain will be a delight for you!

Turgut Alp Axe' Ertugrul Kayi IYI series Keychain keyring

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Remember the Turkish caps of all the Turk Beys on the show? The cap that Ertugrul and everyone from the Turkish tribes wear? How great would it be for you to have one of those too!

Ertugrul hat

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The gorgeous Halime Sultan who has won the hearts of all Pakistanis has shown us how beautiful the traditional, ethnic, jewelry is. All female fans of the classic show should get one of these matha pattis for themselves too!

Halima Sultan Matha Patti for Womens & Girls

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Decorate your wall with a large Ertugrul wallpaper – what better way to really embrace your fandom? The wallpaper will always remind you to be brave in the face of difficulty, and to never give up for your cause!

Drilis Ertugrul Wall Poster

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Looking for more fandom products? Check out Daraz Life!

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