The Holy Grail Products You Need for Winter Wedding Makeup!

The Holy Grail Products You Need for Winter Wedding Makeup!

Wedding Makeups are comparatively heavier than your usual day-to-day makeup but winter wedding looks can be super tricky. Your skin is dry and flaky, your lips are all chapped and you start hating your makeup if it’s not done the right way. Not only this, your skin will have an itchy feeling and your making with start cracking due to dryness.

Winters are usually the ultimate wedding season so we’ve compiled a few products for you that’ll give you the perfect winter look and the most flawless finish for the weddings you’re planning to attend!

Never Skip a Moisturizer!

You need to make sure you have moisturizer that caters well to dry skin because no matter how oily or combination your skin is, it will need something to plump up the winter dryness.

Hydrate & Prime

With a hydrating primer, we can restore moisture and keep dry, flaky skin at bay. This will, your skin will also look refreshed and you’ll have a dewy finish by the time you’re done!

Perfect Base, eh?

Looking for that extra dewy finish? Go for a foundation that isn’t matte finished because a) weddings are meant for the glowy finish and b) matte finish looks awful during winters. And remember, say no to stick foundations!

No Beauty without Blush

A very light flushy look just completes the winter look. Even though you naturally tend to have slight redness due to winters but a little blushing would finish it off just perfectly!

Flaunt Them Lips

Before you go for any lipsticks, make sure you get rid of dry lips. Once you’re done with that, go for dull or dark shades. A lighter look with heavy eyes would look great with a nude lipstick while you can go with an overall lighter look and dark lips to lift the entire look! This totally depends on what you pick but here are a few lip shades that would go great for winters.

You can also check out all the lip shades you can flaunt this winter!

Lashes Need Some Volume Too!

Big lashes never go out of season! Volumizing mascara can be a game changer for your entire look and they’ll make your eyes stand out really well!

Smokey Eyes For The Win!

Bold Eye Shadows are the perfect hallmark for weddings and they look even better if it’s a winter wedding!

Set it all up!

Stay away from all the powder as it’ll make your skin dull and even dry! Just spray the spray and have the perfect glow!

A Little More Glam

Want to go a little overboard with your wedding look? Go for a liquid highlighter! This wouldn’t look chunky at all and you’ll get a beautiful yet blinding highlight.

We hope you did not end up looking like this:

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