Your phone’s cover story in 7 eye-catching skins

 This listicle focuses on patterned covers. After whittling through a long list of amazing prints, the following made the cut! 

  1. Cube ‘O Rama 

               Samsung S8 and Huawei owners can make the best of this unique and colorful soft blue gradient cubes  cover. They look good enough to to rearrange into a Rubik’s cube. Their illusory effect is hard to ignore. 

2) V marks the spot

Simple but Simple but elegant, these Gold V designs are customized for specific smartphones; whether you have an iPhone, a SAMSUNG or a Xiaomi, this skin incorporates that phone’s features into the background to provide a sleek yet distinctive look.

  3) Marble-minded Is your phone tough as nails? Yeah probably not. Give it the look anyway with this marble skin that fashions it as if it were a slab. A veritable SLAB of marble. 

4) Gem stones and teal, take me to sea

This Aqua Gem Stone cover print lends a certain fluidity to your smartphone, with the blue and gold contrast lending a unique identity to your device. 

5) Hot like mexico, rejoice! 

Here’s a nod to Mexico with the Aztec pattern, loaning colour and vibrancy to your smartphone.

6) Coral relief   

We’re thinking mermaids and ornate sea shells. We’re thinking: gotta have it! 

Usman Ghani

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