YouTube to Give $5 Million to Pakistan as COVID-19 Relief

YouTube to Give $5 Million to Pakistan as COVID-19 Relief

Last week, the largest video sharing social platform, YouTube, announced to provide an aid of 5 Million Dollars to Pakistan in order to fight the coronavirus.

According to media reports, YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki in a letter commended Prime Minister Imran Khan’s immediate measures to counter the spread of COVID-19.

Earlier this year PM Imran and Wojcicki met at the World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss the use of digital media to boost the tourism promotion and investment in Pakistan.

Wojcicki has been playing a great role in mitigating the panic around the infectious virus and also monitoring fake remedies and news circulating on YouTube regarding the virus.

In her interview with CNN, Wojcicki said YouTube would be “removing information that is problematic” including “anything that is medically unsubstantiated.”

“Anything that goes against WHO recommendations would be a violation of our policy and so remove is another really important part of our policy,” she continued.

Pakistan is currently suffering immensely from the virus with a total of 30,334 cases and around 660 deaths. Meanwhile, from Saturday, the lockdown had been eased to allow daily wage earners to resume their work and to improve the economy.

Usman Ghani

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