5 Easy Acts of Worship to Keep You Motivated This Ramadan

5 Easy Acts of Worship to Keep You Motivated This Ramadan

Now that we’re well into the Holy month of Ramadan, many of us are starting to lose our motivation. We all want to keep the same energy going throughout the 30 days, but fasting can really drain us off the high levels of energy. There are ways to boost energy while fasting, however sometimes you can feel laid-back to worship.

But who said ibadah in Ramadan is all about rigorous praying? There are many low-key prayer ideas that you can go for in times when you’re running out of energy and motivation to indulge in heavy praying.

Here are some easy-to-perform worship ideas to help you get through the lazy mood:

Listen to Islamic Lectures

Unlike performing salah (or namaz), you can learn quran online or listen to Islamic lectures as good option. There are tons of choices you can listen to – stories of the Prophets, signs of the Day of Judgement, about the Prophet’s (p.b.u.h) companions, about the Angels, and so on.

Read About the Prophet’s (P.B.U.H) Life

Islam is a way of life that the Prophet (p.b.u.h) demonstrated through his own life. Incidents from his life can be drawn as direct examples of how we should be leading our lives. Hence learning more about his life is a form of ibadah that’ll not only get us rewarded but will also help us become better people.

The Sealed Nectar also known as AlRaheeq ul Makhtoom is one of the best reads for this purpose!

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Watch Soulful Reminder on Daraz

If you like to listen and watch Islamic bayan without putting too much energy, then we recommend you watching Soulful Reminder on Daraz App to catch the live exclusive bayan of Molana Tariq Jamil on everyday of Ramadan before Iftar at 6 Pm.

Take Time to Thank God

To often we get busy in our lives and forget to thank God for all that He has bestowed upon us. This Ramadan, let’s change that. Whenever you don’t feel like doing much, thank the Lord. Take that time as an opportunity to reflect on all the blessings you have and be grateful. God is always pleased with people who are grateful, and pleasing God is also a form of worship!

Read Tasbeeh

If on any given time, you’re not up for the namaz exercise, then read tasbeeh. You don’t have to move around or do any physical exertion. Just sit comfortably and read tasbeehaat of Durud, Ayat-ul-Kursi, morning/evening/night azkaars, and so on.

You can look up what tasbeehat to read, and how many times to read each, to get maximum benefit out of this. You’ll be surprised by how little effort this takes, and the reward is plentiful!

Get yourself a tasbeeh or a digital tally counter if it’ll help you keep count:

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Click on the image to buy


Ramadan is all about staying positive and keeping the blessed vibe going. With these simple and doable acts of worship, you can definitely ensure to make the most of this bountiful month!

Want to make online donation this month? Check out Daraz Ramadan initiatives! You’ll find the option to donate to NGOs, buy rashan packages and more!

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