You Won’t Believe What Tabish Hashmi Said in Response to These Questions!

You Won’t Believe What Tabish Hashmi Said in Response to These Questions!

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Tabish Hashmi has become a well known face in Pakistan’s world of stand up comedy. He has earned a reputation for his spontaneous wit and unfiltered humor especially after tabish hashmi’s recent interview with mathira. If you ask us, the Pakistani community had long been waiting for such a talent to surface, and boy are we glad that Tabish Hashmi made an appearance!

With Ramadan calendar 2021 locked for this year, we’ve all indulged in prayers and humility. And during all this, we all need a little time of relaxation. Well, the Hansna Mana Hai with Tabish Hashmi is a show on Daraz app that brings you just that. It’s the perfect entertainment for a little timeout after iftar.

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Now we took the liberty of making Tabish Hashmi to get serious for a minute. We wanted our viewers to get to know Tabish Hashmi beyond his stage life. And so, we asked him a few things that we thought would be interesting to learn about him!

Tabish Hashmi – the comedian’s word of choice

When asked about one urdu word that he could use for the rest of his life, Tabish casually chose the word: “acha”. We didn’t even have to ask him why, because he was already prepared with a perfectly sensible (and somehow still funny, if I dare say) explanation for his chosen word.

“Acha is a very versatile word. Change the tone, and it has a whole new meaning! If you’re angry, you could scream the word ACHA! If you’re suspicious about something, you just need to go like ACHAAAAA? I mean there are infinite ways to say this one word, and it HAS to be my word if I must choose!” Who knew a mediocre word like acha could be made to look so magical. Well, you owe discovering this magic to the Tabish Hashmi show on Daraz!

Tabish Hashmi – where the inspiration comes from

“This is one question I find impossible to answer. I used to be a public speaker, then I became a standup comedian, and then I started hosting. So, it all happened so naturally that it’s rather impossible to pinpoint a single moment of magnanimous inspiration that got me into comedy. I just feel like there’s hardly anything around us that we can change; so why not laugh about it? That’s something we can all do together, and it’s something we can do without hesitation!”

Tabish Hashmi – where the jokes come from

We asked Tabish Hashmi if his jokes were inspired from real life and he didn’t take a second to say yes. “Of course”, he said. “All my jokes are inspired by real people. I’m friends with all types of people and knowing so many people really helps me get some great ideas!”

Tabish Hashmi – the man reveals his top comedians

When asked about his favorite comedians, Tabish Hashmi names Dave Chapelle and Robin Williams among international comedians, Akbar Chaudary and Ali Abdullah among Pakistani comedians and Abhishek Upmanyu from India.

Tabish Hashmi – backstage personality vs onstage personality

Speaking of his personality offstage compared to what he’s like on stage, Tabish Hashmi said that he was a little different behind the scenes. “Jokes and fun are always ongoing, but otherwise I’m a little serious at home. I mean after talking so much on stage and having laughed enough already, there’s really very little left to talk about or laugh about when I get home. Besides, I’d like to be taken seriously as well, so being happy-go-lucky all the time could take away from that. This doesn’t mean that I’m a stern, poker-face, at home. I’d say it’s a decent balance”.

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