Your Complete Guide to the Best Power Banks in Pakistan

Your Complete Guide to the Best Power Banks in Pakistan

Searching for the best power banks in Pakistan? Here’s a list of the top power banks in Pakistan that will keep your phone battery charged all day long!

With increasing use of smart phones, it is very difficult to keep up with the phone’s battery and power banks turn out to be a very essential accessory for almost everyone. You can be somewhere out or may be in some sort of emergency and need your phone urgently. That’s when you regret using the phone so much and not keeping a charger or a power bank with you. However, here’s a Daraz buying guide to power banks in Pakistan and with this, you’ll not only know what to consider while purchasing a power bank but also get to know about a few good power bank brands.

Best Power Banks in Pakistan in 2021

  • Xiaomi wireless power bank Pakistan
  • Anker power bank in Pakistan
  • Faster power bank in Pakistan
  • Realme power bank in Pakistan
  • Samsung power bank in Pakistan

So, let’s get started!


The first and most important thing that you consider before buying a power bank is the charging capacity. Having a bigger capacity power bank kind of helps because some phones charge quickly while some take a lot of time to charge.  

A power bank’s capacity is measured in mAh (milliamp hours) which is actually the total amount of energy that a power bank’s battery can store. So, the higher the capacity, the better the power bank. And, the better the power bank, the more times it’ll help you recharge your phone.

Best option is to get a power bank above 5000 mAh. With improving technology, you can also get a power bank with 50000 mAh capacity but that totally depends on your usage and your budget.

Charging Technology

Power banks have the same kind of shape which makes them look similar to each other. However, they can vary in their charging speed as well as technology.

With the advancement, you’ll find high speed charging power banks that’ll take a couple of minutes to charge your phone. There are also power banks that allow pass through charging. Some are charged with solar energy and some are wireless. So, this is one factor to be considered.


How light is your power bank? Is it light enough to be easily carried around while you travel? One small problem with high capacity power banks is that they are comparatively heavier and larger.

So, for you, an ideal power bank should be light and compact and packed with great capacity as well.


Right after the weight and capacity comes the power bank price in Pakistan. If you’re looking for high capacity, the price is going to be a little high, comparatively.

However, sometimes, cheap power banks can also good quality. They might just lack a few features and might even be heavy. Before buying it, do not just focus on the price but also the other features.  

Additional Features

Every power bank has a few bonus, fancy features like power display that indicates the charging amount, an LCD Display that indicates the charged percentage and a flashlight that would help you in the dark. These features are a plus but incase your power bank does not have any of these, it wouldn’t really make a big difference.

Best Power Banks in Pakistan

While purchasing a power bank, you’ll obviously need to see the brand you’re purchasing from. Here are a few great power banks from a few good brands that you’ll find on Daraz and get a warranty as well.

1. Faster

2. Mi

3. Anker

Now, you’re all set to buy yourself an authentic power bank of your choice! If you wish to get more ideas for Power Banks or smartphones in Pakistan, simply head over to Daraz 11.11 buying guides and find your favorite picks!

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