Big Screen Mobiles 2021 in Pakistan

Big Screen Mobiles 2021 in Pakistan

Exploring options for big screen mobiles in Pakistan? You’ve come to the right place!

Big screen phones in 2021 are an absolute advantage because we spend so much time on our mobiles watching vides, reading articles, and scrolling social media. A larger screen mobile will make your experience better than if you were trying to squint at a smaller screen.

With Daraz Mobile Week approaching, this is the best time to upgrade your mobile because you’ll be getting the best deals on new phones!

What mobile has largest screen in Pakistan?

Infinix Note 10 Pro and Note 8 both have the largest screen in Pakistan with a 6.95 inch display size. The large mobile screen allows for a seamless viewing experience whether you’re watching Netflix on your mobile, scrolling videos, doing work, or just browsing!

Big Screen Mobiles in Pakistan Price List

 Check out the 5 Big Screen Phones prices in Pakistan below.

Big Screen MobileScreen Size Price in Pakistan
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 6.9 inch Rs. 226,999
Infinix Note 10 Pro6.95 inch Rs. 29,999
Infinix Note 86.95 inch Rs. 195,999
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus6.8 inchRs. 244,999
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max6.7 inchRs. 28,999

Best Big Screen Mobiles in Pakistan 2021 with Specifications

1) Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra with large screen

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has one of the biggest screens in mobile phones with a 6.9 inch screen. The flagship phone from Samsung comes with a runs Android 10 and comes with a stellar 108MP camera. For full specifications. Click to read about Samsung Galaxy S20 or see the table below! It also features in our list for best battery life phones in Pakistan!

Samsung Galaxy S20 UltraSpecifications
Operating SystemAndroid 10 
Rear Camera108MP
Front Camera40MP 
Storage Capacity64GB
Battery Life5000mAh
Price226,999 PKR 

2) Infinix Note 10 Pro Price and Specifications

Infinix Note 10 Pro largest screen mobiles pakistan

Infinix Note 10 Pro has an impressive 6.95 inch screen, making it in the top fold of phones with largest screens in Pakistan. It has great battery life with 5000mAh battery, up to 256GB of storage and a decent 64MP camera. It definitely hits the mark! Check out more specifications below!

Infinix Note 10 ProSpecifications
Operating SystemAndroid 11
Rear Camera64MP
Front Camera16MP 
Storage Capacity64/128/256GB
Battery Life5000mAh
Price29,999 PKR 

3) Infinix Note 8 Price and Specifications

Infinix Note 8 big screen mobiles 2021

Infinix Note 8 also has a 6.95 inch screen but the battery life is even better with a 5200mAh battery. Check out more specifications below! Also check out Best Infinix Mobiles Under 15000 in Pakistan!

Infinix Note 8Specifications
Operating SystemAndroid 10 
Rear Camera64MP
Front Camera16MP 
Storage Capacity128GB
Battery Life5200mAh
Price195,999 PKR 

4) Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Price and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus large screen mobiles in Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus comes with a 6.8 inch screen, up to 512GB storage and 4300mAh battery making it a great phone all around. Check out more detailed specification below!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 PlusSpecifications
Operating SystemAndroid 9 
Rear Camera12MP
Front Camera10MP 
Storage Capacity256/512GB
Battery Life4300mAh
Price244,999 PKR 

5) Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Price and Specifications

Apple iphone 12 pro max best big screen mobiles 2021

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max may come with a slightly smaller screen than our other picks at just 6.7 inch screen size but we still think that the phone holds up. The amazing resolution of the iPhone 12, phenomenal camera quality and seamless performance makes it one of our favorite picks! Check out more specifications below!

Apple iPhone 12 Pro MaxSpecifications
Operating SystemiOS 14
Rear Camera12MP
Front Camera12MP 
Storage Capacity128/256/512GB
Battery Life3687mAh
Price28,999 PKR 

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