Build a Complete Kitchen Under Rs. 80,000 with Daraz!

Build a Complete Kitchen Under Rs. 80,000 with Daraz!

If you’re planning to build a kitchen from scratch, you’re definitely going to want to include products from our list. Here, we’ve listed all the essentials you could possibly need to kick start your cooking – all under Rs.80,000!

Stove Burner – 4,450

What’s a kitchen without a stove? If you’re looking for a reliable, simple method to cook your meals, a basic stove burner is a must in your kitchen!

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Fridge – 30,800

Another absolute essential in any kitchen is a fridge/freezer. You can find a variety of fridge and freezers on Daraz to suit your budget.

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Microwave – Rs. 7,999

While you can get away with heating food up on a stovetop, nothing beats the convenience of a microwave. It’s also a great way to defrost stubborn meats before you cook them.

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Food Factory – 9,899

Probably one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can have in any kitchen is a food factory that includes a blender, chopper, food processor, grinder, blender, and juicer. Multiple uses and extremely efficient!

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Cooking Set – 7,999

A basic cooking set is a must have and this one is great to begin with! With pots, pans, a pressure cooker and a flat tawa, it has everything you would need to start cooking with!

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Fancy Kitchen Appliances to Add to Your Wish List

While these appliances didn’t quite make it to our kitchen essentials list but it definitely helps to have these around. Not only do they make your life much easier, they also give you options to cook tastier, sometimes healthier food in a shorter amount of time!

Cooking Range – Rs. 18,990

A full cooking range is a great investment because they’re usually pretty durable and also the attached oven means you don’t need to add an extra oven toaster seperately!

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Air Fryer – Rs.11,550

An air fryer is a great investment if you’re looking to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Not only does it use 90% less fat but’s also easy to clean and operate.

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Oven Toaster – Rs.5,299

If you don’t have a full cooking range, an oven toaster is a great addition to your kitchen. It can perform almost like a conventional oven and allow you bake, roast and grill your food albeit in smaller quantities than a traditional oven.

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Coffee Machine – Rs.12,500

A coffee machine is a great, luxurious addition to your kitchen. No longer do you need to drink flat coffee in the mornings. You can enjoy a nice, cafe style espresso within minutes!

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Roti Maker – Rs.6,649

Tired of standing by the stove making roti after roti? A roti maker may be the answer to your problems!

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