12 Best Cooking Oil Brands in Pakistan

12 Best Cooking Oil Brands in Pakistan

Are you looking for the best cooking oils in Pakistan that can help you to get in better health and keep the taste of your cuisine intact? Then, you have landed on the right place. 

In this post, we present the top 12 best oils for cooking in Pakistan and look into their ingredients and benefits so you can easily select the option for yourself.

So, without further ado, let’s look into the list of best oil for cooking.

List of Best Cooking Oil Brands in Pakistan 

  • Dalda 
  • Habib 
  • Borges 
  • Sufi 
  • Mezan 
  • Eva 
  • Soya Supreme 
  • Kisan 
  • Seasons Canola 
  • Tullo 
  • Kashmir 
  • CanOlive 

These are some of the top and biggest cooking oil brands in Pakistan that offer a variety of edible oil types with different health benefits and contain several nutrition elements.

Let’s dive into the diagnosis of how these cooking oils are made and manufactured in Pakistan, and what essential ingredients they possess that makes them the best oil for cooking. 

1. Dalda Cooking Oil & Banaspati 

Dalda cooking oil

This is one of the oldest and leading cooking oil brands in Pakistan. No one can deny the fact that it has managed to gain immense popularity by providing the international quality cooking oil in Pakistan. Dalda is famous for its premium standards with low cholesterol, vitamin rich, and low absorption cooking oil to let the consumer lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

Dalda contains absolutely zero low density lipoprotein (LDL), which is bad cholesterol that is linked with heart diseases. Moreover, Dalda cooking oil is extracted from natural elements such as Canola, Sunflower and Soybean that makes it rich in Vitamins A, D & E, and essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 & 6 that are imperative to keep the body clean and healthy. 

Cooking Oil Range of Dalda 

  • Dalda Olive Oil 
  • Dalda Corn Oil 
  • Dalda Canola Oil 
  • Dalda Sunflower Oil 
  • Dalda VTF Banaspati (Dalda Ghee)

The affordable Dalda cooking oil price in Pakistan plus the features of providing a healthy food and enhancing the taste of cuisine makes Dalda one of the top edible oil brands. 

2. Habib Cooking Oil 

Order Habib Cooking Oil

Habib Oil Mills has been producing its premium edible oil since 1955 and is now one of the biggest household names in the Pakistani cooking oil industry. Habib Cooking Oil contains all the nutrition elements that are required to lead a healthy lifestyle and prepare a delicious meal every day. 

The reason we are mentioning Habib in the list of best oil for cooking in Pakistan is because of its credibility on national and international level. Habib oil high quality standard has been recognized on several occasions, it has won the Brand of the Year Award and Consumer Choice Award twice. It is the feat that not many cooking oil brands have achieved in Pakistan. 

Habib contains several vitamin rich elements and natural antioxidants that help in keeping the skin clean and wrinkles free as well as it is rich in food fats that reduces cholesterol level in the body and protects you from getting any heart issues. 

Cooking Oil Range of Habib 

  • Habib VTF Banaspati 
  • Habib Soybean Oil 
  • Habib Canola Oil 

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3. Sufi Cooking Oil 


Sufi has the famous tagline “ Jo Naam Hai Aitemaad Ka!” (The Name of Trust), and it surely complies with its tagline as it has all the properties that you want in the ideal cooking oil. 

It is one of the oldest edible oil brands of Pakistan that contains rich amounts of Vitamin E and ample unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 that reduces the bad cholesterol from the body and keeps you secure from getting any serious diseases. 

Sufi manufactures cooking oil with advanced technology to produce it up to the level of the international standards and keep the oil clean from any external contamination. The top-notch production process keeps the cooking oil cholesterol free and at the same time keeps the natural flavor of the  food intact.

Cooking Oil Range of Sufi

  • Sufi Sunflower Oil 
  • Sufi Canola Oil 
  • Sufi Banaspati Ghee 

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4. Mezan Cooking Oil 

Mezan Banaspati Ghee Tin

Mezan claims that everything cooks delicious in its cooking oil, and we could not agree more. Mezan is hands down one of the top cooking oil brands of Pakistan and we are saying this because of several reasons. 

Firstly, Mezan is one of the oldest cooking oil manufacturers in Pakistan, functioning for more than seven decades and successfully cemented its credibility in the country. Secondly, Mezan oil has an abundant amount of “Tocopherol” element that is a crucial antioxidant that improves the immune system and boosts the metabolism. 

Lastly, the clean manufacturing process of oil enhances the natural flavors and keeps the cuisine cholesterol free that allows you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Cooking Oil Range of Mezan 

  • Mezan Canola Oil 
  • Mezan Sunflower Oil 

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5. Eva Cooking Oil 

Buy Eva Cooking Oil Pouch

Who can forget the time when Eva revolutionized the cooking oil pack design when the brand introduced the easy-open cap oil pouches. The progressive design alone solidified Eva’s position in the cooking oil industry in Pakistan. 

Eva associates itself with a smart and healthy lifestyle. It claims to be the purest cooking oil that possesses all the nutrition elements necessary to health. Moreover, Eva uses advanced and computerized oil manufacturing processes to get the premium cooking oil that enhances the flavors of cuisine. 

Eva contains a rich amount of good fats and Vitamins A, D & E that gives extra energy to the body and keeps it clean from bad cholesterol. 

Cooking Oil Range of Eva

  • Eva Canola Oil 
  • Eva Sunflower Oil 
  • Eva VTF Banaspati 

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6. Soya Supreme Banaspati 

Buy Soya Supreme Cooking Oil

Soya supreme has been manufacturing cooking oil since 1954. The brand claims to extract the purest oil from all the natural elements like soybean, vegetables and palm bean without any addition of external elements. 

Its trademark product, Soya Supreme Banaspati, has now become synonymous with Ghee in Pakistan. Soya Supreme has all the nutritional elements such as good unsaturated fats, and vital Vitamins (A,D & E) in abundance that makes it 100% cholesterol free and natural. 

Soya Supreme is the first brand to treat its Banaspati at Ultra High Temperature (UHT) of 255 centigrade to get the purest Ghee. This is the reason that makes Soya Supreme Banaspati the most popular Ghee in Pakistan. 

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7. Seasons Canola Cooking Oil 

Seasons Canola Oil Can

Seasons Canola is a relatively new edible oil brand in Pakistan, but gained a massive popularity in the cooking oil industry due to affordable price, top-notch quality and natural elements. 

The oil is extracted from canola seeds with the help of Belgium-made extractor, ‘Extraction De Smet’ and then it goes into a refinery unit that is imported from China. The imported setup allows Seasons to produce the highest quality cooking oil with all the nutrition elements. 

Seasons Canola is rich in Vitamin K, E & B12 and has abundant good fatty acids that give the body extra energy, boost metabolism and keep the cholesterol at normal level. 

Cooking Oil Range of Seasons 

  • Seasons Canola Oil
  • Seasons Corn Oil 
  • Seasons Bran Rice Oil  

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8. Kisan Cooking Oil 

Kisan cooking oil

Kisan manufactures its cooking oil in one of the most high-tech and modern refineries in all Asia. The brand has been manufacturing and distributing cooking oil for decades under the supervision of food experts. International Organization of Standardization has provided Kisan ISO 9000 & 14000 certification and PSQCA (Pakistan Standards Quality Control Authority) has verified Kisan cooking oil brand.

Apart from its high quality standards and certification, Kisan oil is extremely rich in essential vitamins like A, D & E that keeps the body and skin clean. Also, it contains the least amount of bad cholesterol and abundance of good fatty acids that lower down the cholesterol level in the body and prevent heart diseases. 

Cooking Oil Range of Kisan 

  • Kisan Sunflower Cooking Oil 
  • Kisan Canola Oil 
  • Kisan Pure Ghee

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9. Tullo Cooking Oil

Tullo Cooking Oil

Tullo has successfully made its impact in the Pakistani market by offering edible oil that savor the natural flavor of the foods as well as providing the nutrition necessary for good health.

Tullo extracts its cooking oil completely from organic vegetables that contain an abundance of polyunsaturated fatty acids that are essentials to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep the cholesterol at a normal level in the body.

Furthermore, Tullo cooking oil contains ample vitamins A & D with the least amount of saturated fats that allows you to keep the body pure and reduce the chances of getting any heart diseases.

Cooking Oil Range of Tullo

  • Tullo Banaspati Ghee
  • Tullo Canola Oil 

10. Kashmir Cooking Oil

Kashmir cooking oil

Kashmir oil has gained massive popularity in Pakistan and made itself available in every general store in all over the country. United Limited Industries (UIL) manufactures and distributes Kashmir cooking oil in Pakistan who have been working in FMCG industry since 1962, which establishes the credibility of the Kashmir oil brand.

The affordable Kashmir cooking oil price in Pakistan and natural ingredients it contains such as vitamin A, D & E, and a great amount of good fatty acids makes it one of the best cooking oil brands in Pakistan.

The nutrition in Kashmir oil helps in lowering down acidity, improves vision, strengthens the immune system and helps in keeping the cholesterol level normal.

Cooking Oil Range of Kashmir 

  • Kashmir Premium Gold Oil
  • Kashmir Banaspati
  • Kashmir Canola

11. Borges Olive Oil

Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Borges has been manufacturing oil for around 125 years, which makes it the oldest cooking oil in this list. Borges is based in Spain and is famous for offering 100% genuine olive oil worldwide.

Usually, Borges Olive was not used for cooking in Pakistan. However, people soon found out its health benefits and started preparing meals in this oil since Borges aroma is light and does not change the natural flavor of the food.

The decent Borges olive oil price in Pakistan and major health benefits makes it one of the best edible oils if you want every essence of olive in your diet.

Cooking Oil Range of Borges Oil

  • Borges Extra Light Olive Oil
  • Olive Pomace Oil
  • Borges Extra Virgin Olive
  • Borges Sunflower Oil

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12. CanOlive Cooking Oil

Canolive Cooking Oil Premium

CanOlive is another olive oil from Spain that is hands down the purest and best olive oil for cooking in Pakistan. The countless nutrition and natural elements makes CanOlive a perfect cooking oil for people with heart conditions.

This oil contains all the necessary ingredients that you want in a healthy cooking oil including vitamins A, D & E, antioxidants, Omega 3 & 6, and the least amount of saturated fats that helps in improving the vision, cerebral function, and central nervous system.

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Best Cooking Oil in Pakistan for Heart Patients

After many experiments and research, Olive Oil and Canola Oil have proven to be extremely effective to mitigate the risks of heart diseases. Many brands are offering olive and canola oil in their product range. Here are some of the best cooking oil in Pakistan for heart patients:

  • CanOlive Oil
  • Seasons Canola
  • Eva Olive Oil
  • Borges Olive Oil

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the best oil for cooking in Pakistan and you probably have made up your mind if you came this far. So, just come to Daraz mall and find the cooking oil price in Pakistan and get it at your doorsteps within days. 

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