Sheep Qurbani Share for Eid ul Adha – How Many Qurbani Shares in a Sheep

Sheep Qurbani Share for Eid ul Adha – How Many Qurbani Shares in a Sheep

Want to know about how many shares in sheep qurbani? Read all about qurbani share in sheep for Eid Ul Azha 2021 in Pakistan.

With Eid ul Adha in Pakistan just around the corner, people have started buying the cattle for the sacrifice that is levied upon every Muslim. Eid ul Adha is more commonly known as Bakra Eid in Pakistan and every Muslim who is eligible to do Qurbani must do so before during the three days of Eid in the month of Dhul.

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If you’re looking for how much Qurbani shares a Sheep has then we have listed the answers to all your queries below.

Qurbani Sheep and Dumba Price in Pakistan 2021

Qurbani Sheep or Dumba Price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 1000/KG Live. You can Buy Qurbani Sheep for Sale in Pakistan between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000 range and more.

CountrySheep Price (33kg)One Share in Sheep/Dumba
Pakistan (PKR)Rs. 30,000Rs. 25,000

How Many Qurbani Shares in a Sheep?

There is only 1 Qurbani share in a sheep. One small animal such as lamb (dumba) or sheep is equivalent to one Qurbani share.

How Many Qurbani per Family?

For Sheep Qurbani the share per family is given one person per family. In a single household, whoever is eligible should do one share of Qurbani n a house. The eligible who looks after the finances of the household must also provide shares for his children and parents too. For a small animal like goat or sheep, one Qurbani share is counted, whereas, for larger animals such as camels, cows, and bulls, seven shares can be counted.

Qurbani Hissa Pakistan

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