Who is Eligible for Qurbani on Eid ul Adha in 2022

Who is Eligible for Qurbani on Eid ul Adha in 2022

Eid ul Adha is the most important religious event for Muslims and is considered the bigger Eid in the Muslim Calendar where Muslims organize Qurbani (Sacrifice) to commemorate Prophet Abraham’s sacrifice to Allah. For this, Muslims are obligated for Qurbani and in this blog, you can find Who is Eligible for Qurbani on Eid.

 Eid ul Azha in Pakistan is celebrated with great zeal where people buy cattle a month before and take care of them. Qurbani for Eid must be done within the three days of Eid ul Adha that falls in the 12th and final month, known as Dhul Hijjah. Qurbani is a must and compulsory for every Muslim.

Who is Eligible for Qurbani on Eid?

Qurbani is compulsory on every Muslim who has reached the age of puberty and if the only person who can afford it is eligible for qurbani on eid.

Qurbani is important on every Muslim with the wealth to do so, must offer an uḍḥiyah or Qurbani. It is a Sunnah and compulsory on Muslim who is an adult and who is not traveling and has excess wealth which is above the Eid ul Adha Nisab rate with which he can afford to buy the cattle for sacrifice.

On Whom Qurbani is Wajib?

For every Muslim who is eligible for Zakat, it becomes wajib for him/her to offer Qurbani. Moreover, the Muslim who can carry out Qurbani in the name of his/her parents and children and provide a share for them too.

Who is Not Eligible for Qurbani?

Qurbani for Eid ul Adha is not eligible for those who live on a minimum income rate and can not afford it. Moreover, Qurbani is not compulsory for the following people too:

  • Household who is led by females
  • Disabled people
  • Elderly persons
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
  • Children
  • Families who can’t afford to visit marketplaces
  • Travelers

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Is Qurbani fard (compulsory)?

According to Sahih Bukhari, “The Prophet (saw) said (on the day of Eid), ‘The first thing we will do on this day of ours, is to offer the (Eid) prayer and then return to make the sacrifice. Whoever does so, he acted according to our Sunnah’

What Animals are Suitable for Qurbani?

Animals must meet a certain condition before you can sacrifice them and there are requirements that must be met before one can sacrifice the animal which is as follows:

  • The animal chosen for sacrifice should have no illness or disease
  • The animal shouldn’t be pregnant
  • Animal’s horn, tail, or ears must not be broken/torn/cut
  • The animal should have at least half of its teeth
  • Animals can not be blind
  • The animal must not be a cripple or lame
  • The animal must be well fed and well taken care of

The age of the animal should meet a minimum of:

  • One year in age for goat and sheep
  • Two years in age for cows
  • Five years in age for camels

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