What Are the Rules of Qurbani in Islam?

What Are the Rules of Qurbani in Islam?

Find All The Rules of Qurbani In Islam and Qurbani Rules for All for This Eid ul Adha 2022 in Pakistan Below!

Eid ul Adha 2022 is one of the main festivals in the Islamic calendar that has great importance. It dates from the historic time Prophet Ibrahim had a vision where God commanded him to sacrifice his son for Him and while he was in the act, Alla sent an Angel Gabriel to replace the son with a lamb. Eid ul Adha remembers the willingness and great sacrifice Prophet Ibrahim was ready to obey Allah and it is followed as a Holy tradition by Muslims all around the world.

Since performing a sacrifice in the name of Allah has many sacred values attached to it, it is important that if you’re taking part in Qurbani then you should it in accordance with all the rules mentioned in Islam and Quran for Bakra Eid Qurbani to make sure your sacrifice is accepted.

Qurbani Rules in Islam

There are certain rules that are mentioned in the Quran regarding Qurbani that must be followed to make sure your sacrifice is accepted and done as to yield the most reward for your deeds. To ensure your Qurbani of the animal is valid and rightly done so, make sure to follow these commands as mentioned in the Quran which are mentioned below:

  • First, you should make sure that the Qurbani should only be performed between the 10th and 12th days of Dhul Hijjah and can only be carried out after the Eid prayer.
  • The person who’s is performing the sacrifice or is getting a sacrifice done in his name must not trim his/her hair or nails from the 1st of Dhu’l-Ḥijjah till the Qurbani.
  • The Qurbani must be divided or given in three shares – one for oneself, one for family or close friends, and the other for the poor
  • Before sacrificing the Animal, Takbeer must be called out to ensure your Qurbani is accepted
  • The Animal should not suffer or go through any mishandling during the slaughtering
  • No part of the animal be it the meat, skin, organs, etc be sold for money as it would invalidate the sacrifice and be a sin as well

In order to have your Qurbani accepted, one should also be fair in distributing and dividing the meat of Qurbani. Learn how to distribute Qurbani meat so your sacrifice is accepted.

Qurbani Rules for Family

The rules for Qurbani on family or a household imply that the head of the family or household who has the capacity and wealth can offer Qurbani on behalf of all the people who live in the house. While the shares donated by the family should be made for each person. For example, if a family of 5 performed Qurbani then they have to donate 5 shares each.

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Qurbani Rules for Husband And Wife

The rules for Qurbani for husband and wife are the same ruling for any person performing the sacrifice. Both the wife and husband for Qurbani must follow the rules levied on individuals performing the sacrifice. According to the Quran, both the wife and husband must make their intention to offer Qurbani or udhiyah. Moreover, if the wife has her own money and is eligible for Qurbani then the husband does not have to give a share for the wife.

Qurbani Rules for Child

According to the Quran, the rules for qurbani for children state that it is not mandatory or wajib on a child who has not reached puberty. However, if the child’s guardian is giving a share on behalf of the child then the child must follow the rules before Qurbani.

Is Qurbani Farz or Sunnah?

Qurbani is obligatory on every Muslim who is eligible as it is an important and sacred ritual but it is not fard. Qurbani is considered as a Sunnah which means people who perform qurbani will be highly rewarded but if a person is unable to do so, it will not be considered as a grave sin. So, if you’re looking to get the most rewards, Qurbani is obliged once you have excess wealth as means to disallow wealth hoarding and to contribute for the betterment of society while keeping piety in mind.

Moreover, any person who is eligible for Zakat or meets the Nisab rate for Eid ul Adha, becomes wajib on him or her to do the Qurbani. Nisab rate is decided by the government or by the calculation of gold, silver, and your annual savings. It is recommended for saheb-e-nisab Muslims to not miss Qurbani and do it as it yields high rewards and sawab for the afterlife as it is complying to Allah and performing a sacrifice for Him.  

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