How to Distribute Qurbani Meat in Pakistan

How to Distribute Qurbani Meat in Pakistan

Distributing your Qurbani meat especially How to distribute Qurbani meat in Pakistan correctly is one of the most thought-out questions during Bakra. Following the rules mentioned in the Quran regarding the Qurbani meat distribution and where and how to divide it, is integral to ensure your sacrifice is accepted.

As Eid ul Adha is a sacred and holy ritual for Muslims that commemorates the Prophet Abraham’s obedience and strong faith in Allah. To make sure your Qurbani is done correctly and it is earn reward for it, you can learn how to distribute qurbani meat in Pakistan below and learn all the qurbani meat distribution rules regarding the meat distribution.

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How Should Qurbani Meat be Distributed?

According to Islam the correct way to distribute the Qurbani meat and the distribution of Qurbani meat must be done in three parts and it is important to distribute the meat or hissa equally. Moreover, the three parts of meat should be distributed among the person who performed the Qurbani and his/her family, his/her friends or relatives, and the third should be distributed among the poor and needy.

If a person is taking part in collective Qurbani or has taken a share then the meat should be distributed in the exact number as everyone with proper weight measurement so everyone gets an equal share in the Qurbani meat.

What Meat Can be Distributed?

Only meat from qualifying animals that have been sacrificed during the days of Qurbani (Eid al-Adha) may be distributed if it is to class as a Qurbani donation. Qualifying animals for this religious due are.

  • Healthy Sheep (minimum one year old)
  • Healthy Goats (minimum one year old)
  • Healthy Cows (minimum two years old)
  • Healthy Camels (minimum five years old)

Larger animals account for more shares of meat. This means that while sheep and goats will account for one share each, cows and camels are worth seven shares. Every able Muslim is expected to donate one share, with the head of the household responsible for donating on behalf of any member of the household who is unable to make a Qurbani donation, such as children.

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