Hate Cleaning? Then You’ll LOVE These 10 Smart Cleaning Products!

Hate Cleaning? Then You’ll LOVE These 10 Smart Cleaning Products!

A super clean, tidy, and spotless house is something we all love to have…but it’s the cleaning part that most of don’t love!

If you’re a clean freak but are often called a freak by your mom without the former word attached for not cleaning up your house because of laziness or shall we say, “busy schedule” then this blog is solely dedicated to you!

Get done with your cleaning chores is less than half the time and effort with these super cool cleaning products designed for people who want to get done with deep cleaning in a jiffy!

Check them out below!

Lazy Mopping/Sweeping Slippers

Pack Of 2 Dust Cleaner Lazy Slippers Home Mop Sweep Floor cleaning duster cloth housework Lazy Soft Slipper Shoes

This product is for the true lazy people out there! Slide these slippers on and clean up all the nook and corners you can’t reach with your broom! Oh, and it is fun too!

Automatic Spinning Sweeper

Magic 360 Spin Broom Dustpan Sweeping Machine

Looking for a more easy and effective alternative to sweeping? Get this automatic sweeper that has bristles that spin 360 degrees catching all the dust for you!

Dish Cleaning Wand

Dish Wand Sponge Kitchen Cleaning Brush Detergent to Remove Stains Sponge Pot Brush Kitchen wash Tools

Hate getting your hands all dirty while scrubbing away those stubborn stains on your dishes? Get this dish cleaning wand that helps you clean your dishes faster. And the best part? You can save water as it comes with a water and dish soap storing facility for instant cleaning!

Magic Dishwashing Gloves

Magic Dish washing Gloves with Scrubber, Silicone Cleaning Reusable Scrub Gloves for Wash Dish Kitchen Bathroom

If you clean a serious cleaning session with those dishes and plates, then these dishwashing gloves help you target all those stains and food debris easily. It’s the perfect solution for clumsy people who break dishes while cleaning them too!

Reusable Aluminium Foil for Stoves

4PCS Reusable Aluminum Foil Gas Stove Burner Cover Protector Liner Clean Mat Pad

Just cleaned the stove but need to make a messy recipe again? What’s there to clean when you can just discard the evidence? Get these reusable foils for your kitchen stove so you can cover the stove while you cook!

Waterproof Anti Mildew Tape

Waterproof Mildew Proof Adhesive Tape Kitchen Sink Joint Crevice Sticker Strip

Mildew is a gross looking problem that is hard to get rid off. If you want to keep that mildew away or hide it, these waterproof tapes are perfect to keep it at bay from your sink, bathtubs and more. And they look pretty too!

Powerful Handheld Steam Cleaner

Handheld Steam Cleaner Multi-Purpose r with 6 Different Attachment

Get into the heavy-duty cleaning mode with this hand and powerful steam cleaner that removes all the dirt and gunk with ease!

Spray-on Fabric Stain Remover


Don’t want to scrub away all of your strength on that tough stain on your clothes? This fabric stain remover spray is perfect to clean those pesky stains as soon as they occur. It will save you the trouble for later and make your laundry day easy!

Cordless Spin Scrubber

Cordless Rechargeable Power Scrubber

The days of those pesky dirt marks and grime are outnumbered with this super effective spin scrubber. It is a cordless brush then spins powerfully cleaning away all those nasty marks on your tiles and walls!

A Robot Vaccum

Philips Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Black & Blue - FC8792/01

A Robot Vacuum or Roomba is probably the greatest technological invention for lazy people. It is an automatic vacuum that spins around your house doing all the sweeping for you while you relax on that couch and enjoy the cleaning!

So, make your cleaning days less icky and get these products now and check out Daraz’s WOW Women’s Week 2022 for more amazing discounts.

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