These Hacks Will Keep Your Foundation From Getting Cakey!

These Hacks Will Keep Your Foundation From Getting Cakey!

Don’t you just love applying makeup? We mean who wouldn’t want to use products that can help make your skin look flawless and simply perfect.


But well, applying a base is not as seamless a task as it sounds. When that foundation starts to crack up round the edges of your nose and mouth, it it’s no longer fun anymore!

Cakey foundations are a serious concern for many. Sometimes you maybe doing everything right, but the foundation still seems to be caking up and turning into a sad, blotchy, state of affairs!

Well, we got your back, girl! Here are some hacks that we swear will help keep your foundation looking perfect all-day, everyday!

Moisturize Like There’s No Tomorrow!

Yes, dear friend. It doesn’t matter whether you got oily skin or not. Your skin type is irrelevant.


A moisturizer is your holy grail before applying any kind of makeup. It gives your skin the necessary hydration that it needs to look soft, supple and fresh. Applying a moisturizer creates a smooth and even canvas over which you can apply your makeup on.

Skipping this step is like skipping to eat all day – you’ll find it difficult to make through the day. That’s how your foundation will struggle to make it till day-end without a moisturizer.

A Little Goes a Long Way


The most common mistake most women end up making is applying way too much foundation. That simple looks terrible!

We can promise you that excessive foundation will start to cake up, and probably much-sooner than later. What we’d recommend is taking a really small, pea-size, amount and working it through on your face.

Pick the Right Shade

There are several types of bases – foundation, BB Creams, CC Creams, etc. So of course, the first step is to figure out which product suits your skin best.


After that comes the part where you’ve to choose the shade. We can’t say this enough – “don’t choose a shade three times lighter than your skin tone!” Perhaps, a shade lighter will do because foundations tend to oxidize but that’s it!

The lighter the shade of your foundation, the more obvious will be your caked-up look! So, yes. Picking the right shade is critical in ensuring a flawless finish!

Powder, Foundation, Powder


Ever thought of applying your face powder before applying your foundation? No? Well, time to think now!

This makeup hack is all the rage these days! Especially great for oily and combination skin types, this peculiar step really gives that matte and silk finish you dig so much!

Just use a damp beauty blender (or just a makeup sponge) to evenly spread some loose powder (or whichever you prefer) on your face and follow up with the base.

And remember, a little foundation is all that you need!

Follow up with the powder again, and voila! You’ve got your flawless base that’s going to stay with you just like that throughout the day!

Blotting Can Help


When you use a makeup tool to apply the foundation, chance are that there’s some level of excessive product still left on your face. It maybe very little, but it’s there and we suggest you try to get that out of the way.

How? Simple – just get yourself some blotting sheets and use them to blot away the extra product (plus any oils on the face). This is a simple, yet effective, way of keeping that foundation from caking up.

Applying foundation is not all that difficult. All you need are the right guidelines and you’re all set to rock that flawless finish!

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Bilal Uddin

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