Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Trimmer

Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Trimmer

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Product Review

Product: Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Trimmer

Price: PKR 1,999

Packaging: The product comes in a sturdy pink and white packaging in which the accessories are well placed without the fear of damage. The trimmer comes with:

  • Face: 1 x 2 Sided Trimming head – 16mm and 6mm 1 x comb attachment (2mm & 4mm) to uniform hair lenth 1 x Styler cap
  • Other Body Areas: 1 x 1 sided Trimming Head (20mm) 1 x comb attachment to uniform hair length
  • Other Accessories: 1 x Cleaning brush 1 x Beauty pouch to take it with you anywhere 1 x AA Battery

Company Claim: With new Veet Sensitive Touch you can seamlessly achieve the precise look that you always wanted. It quickly and softly cuts and shapes your hair on sensitive body parts like face, underarms and bikini line. It is quick and gentle and seamlessly gets rid of any unwanted hair in one go without fearing cuts or nicks. It’s high precision and devoted accessories help you get accurate shaping and styling. Also perfect for quick touch-ups. Can be rinsed with water.

Durability: Waterproof and easy to use with soap and water. Wipe the product dry once used and leave aside to self dry and its good to use for a while. If the water seeps into the battery slot, take out the batteries to avoid rusting, and leave to dry.


Perfect for: Sensitive skin and sensitive areas.


For perfect looking eyebrows:

Step 1: Trim, For desired eyebrow length just trim them! Use the small head and add the comb, Place the device over your eyebrow and move it against the direction of hair growth.

For perfect looking eyebrows:

Step 2 : Shape, For perfect eyebrow contouring, remove the comb and use the high precision head. Touch skin lightly and push it across the eyebrow. For gently shaved/shaped Bikini.

For Shaving/shaping: Use the large head. Touch Skin lightly and move the device in the opposite direction of hair growth. As its cutting blades don’t touch the skin, there is No fear of cuts.For gentle hair removal from upper lips and chin.

For smaller areas of upper lips you can use the high precision head and move it in opposite direction of hair growth.

For chin use the larger head – touch skin lightly and move the device in the opposite direction of hair growth.

For Trimming: Add the comb and choose the desired length.For perfect looking sideburns

Step 1: Trim. For desired sideburn length just trim them. Use the small head and the comb. Place the device over your sideburn and move it against the direction of hair growth .

Step 2: Shape. For a perfect sideburn shaping remove the comb and use the high precision head. Touch the skin lightly and move the device around the sideburn.

Result: Smoother skin within minutes without the fear of any cuts, nicks, rashes or ichyness cause by shaving. Honestly out of all the trimmers i have used int h market i have found this one to be the most effective, quick and easy to use. It not only helps trim the unwanted hair on the body but also makes it easy to do it anywhere and anytime – just carry it in your purse where ever you go. I have personally found this product to be one of the most useful tools for any female to own – especially working girls who cant spare hours on a weekly basis at the salon getting waxed. Its absolutely safe to use in all areas of your body where you would like to remove unwanted hair and are too afraid to use a blade. The trimming heads are specially designed for precision and allow room for tweaking the trimming length. One of the features that I find extremely convenient is the waterproof feature. This product can be easily used in the shower and washed. Its battery operated and easy to keep clean. The trimmer comes with a cleaning brush which must be used each and every time after use to ensure cleanliness and avoid any bacterial infections.



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Product rating: I love it! Must buy!


Usman Ghani

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