Daraz x Visa: Get Free Certified Courses of Online Business from Visa on Daraz University


In the effort of enabling small business owners to achieve higher professional success and boost their confidence to survive in crunch times, Daraz and Visa have collaborated to impart practical business and professional development skills in the online sellers to flourish in the competitive niches globally.

The world’s biggest payment gateway, Visa, has provided several free educational resources regarding financial literacy, money management, and business development skills that would allow the sellers to access quality training material in a comprehensive style. 

With the help of Visa skill development program, you can earn the progressive financial and business management skills that will help you flourish in professional field. 

Any Daraz seller from Pakistan can easily access these training from Visa on Daraz University platform. The training content comprises of video tutorials, PDF guides, PowerPoint presentations, and quizzes that will help you to have a quick overview of the whole course. 

Furthermore, the first thousand sellers of Daraz to complete the tutorials with quizzes and exams will be rewarded with Visa sponsored vouchers that can be used for free shipping credit or Daraz packaging materials 

It does not matter if you’re not a seller, you can also learn from these tutorials and earn a Daraz x Visa certification,  and you will get the complete sign-up support and vouchers when you join Daraz. 

How to Access Daraz University x Visa Courses?

To make these courses easily accessible for every seller, Daraz University offers a simple click and watch option. All you need is the course link to access training material without any need to sign up. 

Daraz x Visa is offering a total of 3 tutorial course that are:

1- Guide to Starting a Business

This tutorial will take you through the process of setting up an online business with ease. In this course you will learn:

  • Turn ideas into practical business 
  • Identifying market and preparing a business plan 
  • Business registration process
  • Getting investment and funds for business

To access this course, just click on Guide to Starting a Business on Daraz University

2- Financial Basics for Your Business 

Financial literacy is more important than anything else to sustain business in the long run. In this Visa course on Daraz University, you will learn:

  • Importance of budgeting 
  • Creating profit and loss statement 
  • Business cost and revenue calculation 
  • Factors effective business success 

To access this course, just click on Financial Basics for Your Business on Daraz University.

3- Business Management 

Management skills are the backbone of any business that includes saving, financing, risk management, and accounting. In this business course, you will learn:

  • Major tips on business savings
  • Best way to get finances for your business 
  • How to prepare for internal and external risks 
  • Setting up an accounting system 

To access this course, just click on About Business Management on Daraz University

About Daraz University

Daraz University was established in 2018 with the aim to provide free education to aspiring online entrepreneurs. Currently, the portal serves over 40,000 active sellers, and each month 5,000 new vendors learn valuable business knowledge from Daraz University.

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