What Are Smart TVs & Do You Really Need One?

What Are Smart TVs & Do You Really Need One?

Television sets have been an essential home utility for a long time. It’s the most convenient form of entertainment, that brings the whole world at your disposal – quite literally!

And today, this technology has undergone an even greater transformation with its SMART TV technology!

Not sure what they are? A smart TV is the latest television technology that comes with several amazing features that allow you to use the TV just like a smartphone! Taking the viewer beyond the world of live TV channels, smart TVs also lets you stream, use apps, browse online, and shop!

Let’s look deeper into what smart TVs are and what they can do for you:

What Makes a Television Smart?

There’s one basic and major feature that makes a television smart (or not), and that’s an internet connection. A smart TV mostly comes with an Ethernet port and built-in WiFi.

The WiFi is generally good enough for most of your purposes, but if you want to stream 4K content or games, then hard-wiring to your network might avoid any disturbances in the process.

The smart TV’s internet connection lets you stream all kinds of movies and shows from Netflix, HBO, Hulu, YouTube, and many others! Of course you’ve to subscribe to this stuff to gain access to these services – a smart TV doesn’t come with a subscription!

Additional Features That Make a TV Smart

Access to Several Apps

Generally speaking, smart TVs come with a variety of apps installed by default. But, you can very much add more apps from an app store as well. Some common pre-installed apps include Netflix, Stars Play, Amazon Prime Video, Facebook and Twitter.

This means that you can flip back and forth between your watching your show and using your social media, allowing you to do multiple task at a time.

Connect Any Smart Device

Also known as casting or streaming, this feature lets you connect your phone (or any other smart device) to the TV. This allows you to view contents from your phone, tablet or laptop on the large screen television. Samsung smart TVs for example let you mirror the screen with their SmartThings app.

Another connectivity feature in smart TV turns your mobile phone into a remote control. Imagine the comfort of not having to dig inside your sofas to find that remote control anymore!

Online Browsing

Remember that rush you felt when you first learnt that you can access internet from your phones? Well, now you can also use the internet with your smart TV!

All you’ve to do is open a web browser on your TV, and use it like you would a phone! Whether you want to shop online, watch videos, or read something, the smart TV will undoubtedly provide you a large TV, excellent graphic quality and astounding sound system to enjoy your web browsing session.

Voice Search

As is true for your smartphones, voice search has become a common feature in most smart TVs. The main purpose of this feature to assist in navigation, making it easier for your to search.

What sort of commands can your smart TV to handle? Well, if you give a voice command to “Mute the Volume” or “Play the latest episode of Money Heist on Netflix“, then you can expect your TV to be smart enough to follow such instructions.


This is entirely on your discretion. A television has become a necessary luxury in our household, so if you’re looking for an improved home entertainment system upgrade, then smart TVs can spice things up for you.

Evaluate what features are important for you to have in a TV, and then decide accordingly.

There are many electronics manufacturers who make smart TVs today. For example, Samsung, Hisense, Toshiba, Sharp, and several others!

Find some of the best smart TV collections here. Take a few picks, compare their specs and prices and order online. With amazing prices, reliable warranty and easy delivery, shopping for television was never this easy!

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