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Barhi Eid is right around the corner – this means most of us are looking forward to our annual qurbani. This year Daraz brings to you a convenient way of donating your qurbani meat to the deserving families. The Qurbani Ghar Bethay! Campaign is an initiative in which Daraz has partnered with various NGOs to make this year’s qurbani a hassle-free affair for all of you!

The coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us to isolate in our homes. During these times, it’s not safe to visit the mandi for buying your Qurbani animal. Daraz wants to help make this year’s qurbani a safe experience for you. The “Online Qurbani” campaign allows you to select a Qurbani packages of your choice with your preferred NGO!

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Here’s how the Qurbani Ghar Bethay campaign Works:

  • Select your Qurbani package.
  • Select your preferred digital payment method.
  • Receive your confirmation email.
  • The respective NGO will notify you of the sacrifice and the distribution of the meat.

You can choose from a variety of packages available for sacrifice of goat, full cow or cow share.

Click here to donate meat with Daraz

The NGOs Daraz has on-boarded for this noble campaign include Edhi Foundation, JDC, Saylani Welfare, Baitussalam, Indus Hospital, Shaukat Khanum, Alkhidmat Foundation, Sarim Burney International, Help International, Rizq, Dhoraji Association, and Shifa Foundation.

With the Qurbani Ghar Bethay! Campaign, you can abide by the social distancing protocols without compromising on your religious duty of qurbani. The lockdown situation has affected the unprivileged and labor class the most, many of whom have lost their jobs and are struggling to survive this pandemic and its aftereffects.

This Bakra Eid, donate your qurbani meat to the most deserving people. This Bakra Eid, join Daraz in helping the poor with your meat donations!

All those willing to donate via Daraz can rest assured that their meat donations will be directly carried out by their selected NGO itself. The NGO will confirm the animal sacrifice and meat distribution itself, and not through Daraz. Daraz is only playing its part in facilitating this process. This should add to the satisfaction of all donors that their sacrifice and donations are indeed reaching the people who need it.

Daraz is also accepting international orders via Visa or Mastercard credit and debit cards.

Let’s join hands on this auspicious occasion of Eid ul Adha 2020 in Pakistan to help the people who deserve the most. Together, you and Daraz can help Pakistan survive this global pandemic.

Download the Daraz app to make your donations easily!

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4 months ago

people did not give meat to deserving one mostly they gave to those who already had qurbani meat