6 Trendy Birthday Party Decorations in Pakistan That Will Give Life to any Sweet Sixteen

Everybody loves a good birthday party. Whether you’re throwing your own or a friend’s, we all want to be able to plan the most amazing and beautiful setup. We all want to bedazzle our moments with aesthetic decorations and go all out so that those sweet moments of celebration become even sweeter. So, for this reason, most of us always have our eye out for good, aesthetic, and high-quality birthday party decorations in Pakistan.

When preparing for a birthday party, there are numerous things on a checklist. There has to be good lighting, there should be an ample amount of balloons, a good banner, a good table set up, props, don’t forget the cake! But it’s always a hassle in trying to figure out from where you can get the best of the best.

To make things easier for all party planners out there, we have put together a list of birthday decoration essentials. This will help you be branded as the best party planner in your social circle. No need to go on a hunt for an online party store anymore. Because now, we will suggest to you some of the most high-quality and essential balloon decoration and party accessories that will make your birthday decoration online shopping in Pakistan experience as smooth as possible.

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Trendy Birthday Party Decorations in Pakistan

Here is a list of seven trendy birthday party decoration items out of the many that you can find on Daraz:

  • Color Smoke Bomb
  • Metallic Shiny Balloons
  • Party Popper With Snow Spray
  • Golden Birthday Decoration Set
  • Heart Shaped Sparkle Candle (5cm)
  • Birthday Sparking Candles (Pack of 6)
  • Angelic Rose Gold Happy Birthday Theme Set

These birthday party decorations at home are sure to help you out in putting together a great and memorable celebratory bash!

Birthday Party Decorations Online

1. Color Smoke Bomb

Birthday Party Decorations in Pakistan

This color smoke bomb is the ideal essential for good and memorable photos. Get this bad boy for a colorful and aesthetic time while getting your birthday photos in and get creative. Photographers love these color smoke bombs and they always become the life of the party!

2. Metallic Shiny Balloons

Birthday Party Decorations in Pakistan

Metallic shiny balloons are so in trend right now. You can get them in any color you like and amp up a birthday party set up in MINUTES. They look so beautiful on any set and when they’re all decorated, that’s when you finally get into the party mood.

3. Party Popper With Snow Spray

Birthday Party Decorations in Pakistan

Party poppers and snow sprays? A cult classic. At this point, any party is incomplete if you don’t have the right supplies to bombard your birthday friend with and douse them in love with snow sprays. Party poppers just add that bit of magic and celebratory feel that’s always missing.

4. Golden Birthday Decoration Set

Birthday Party Decorations in Pakistan

If you don’t want to fret after individual birthday decoration items, then this beautiful golden decoration set is the one for you. In this set, you have a card banner set, 30 balloons, and a golden fringe curtain which will help you set up the most elegant birthday setup ever!

5. Heart Shaped Sparkle Candle (5cm)

Birthday Party Decorations in Pakistan

This cute little heart-shaped sparkler candle would be the perfect thing to top the birthday cake with. Make that birthday wish seem extra magical with this adorable and pretty candle that lights up beautifully.

6. Birthday Sparking Candles (Pack of 6)

In case you want a whole bunch of the regular sparkler candles that will never go out of style, then you can always get these bad boys in a pack of six to lighten up the cake cutting ceremony as per usual.

Tick off your birthday decorations items list one by one and make sure you throw the best party in town. So, don’t miss out and get the best birthday party decorations at home with ease, comfort and convenience only with Daraz!

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