9 Essentials To Keep You Sane  During Loadshedding!

9 Essentials To Keep You Sane During Loadshedding!

Loading shedding in Pakistan is one nuisance that we have to deal it no matter how much we curse, abuse and get agitated about it!

Living in Pakistan, we have to be prepared for a load shedding schedule. Especially, if we’re living in Karachi! Mostly, the main cause of load shedding is often the high demand for electricity and lower supply of it which ends up causing a rotational load shedding that we despise.

So, if you’re sick of the load shedding in Pakistan in 2020 given the lockdown has gotten most of bored out of our minds, we’ve got something that will make power outages a little bit easier for you.

We’ve prepared this blog to help you keep you sane during load shedding by gathering all the essentials you must have and how to pass your time like a breeze without electricity!

1. Portable Battery Powered Fan

Summer and load shedding in Pakistan go hand in hand. Which is why a portable fan tops our list of power breakdown essentials to keep in your house!

Rechargeable Cooling Fan with Emergency Light / Emergency Rechargeable Fan / SECO 20 inch Rechargeable Emergency Floor Fan /
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2. Emergency Light/ Chargeable Light

Tired from all the long hours of sitting in darkness in this heat? Well, let there be light with these rechargeable LED lights strong enough to light up the whole room!

Rechargeable LED High Power  Long Range Emergency Light  Led-7045
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Sogo Rechargeable Emergency LED Magic Bulb - 9 Watt E-27
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3. A Powerbank

We all are highly depended on our cellphones, which is why loadshedding or not, a 20,000 mAh power bank is something essential so you can stay connected!

Anker A1363H11 - PowerCore Select  Power Bank - 20000mAh
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2020 New Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 10000 mAh External Battery portable charginQuick Charge 10000mAh Powerbank Supports 18W Charging
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4. UPS With Builtin Solar Charger 

If you can’t afford a generator right now or need an emergency back up, then this Solar powered rechargeable UPS is one handy device that can give a little backup electricity in your home!

HYUNDAI Inverter / UPS With Builtin Solar Charger - 800 Watts -HI-S1200, White
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 5. Portable Rechargeable Water Dispenser 

Cold and filtered water in this heat should always be a priority! With long hours of power breakdown, a cold glass of water with this rechargeable filter when our fridge isn’t working is the best way to keep us cool!

Rechargeable Portable USB Charging Smart Electric Water Dispenser Pump Automatic Drinking Water Bottle Pump
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6. Portable Mini Fridge

Need another back up to keep your food from going bad in this humid weather? This mini portable fridge is a great purchase to keep that worry at bay!

Mini Portable Car Fridge, Cooler & Warmer 7.5 L - 12 V - Blue
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7. Internet Device

Since most of us are working from home, staying connected for work is a must! Therefore, a fast speed running internet is a must-have. If you have a Zong or Jazz mobile network, get their chargeable 4G device and stay connected throughout!

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8. Card and Board Games for Entertainment!

So, you’ve met the essentials but what does one do to stay entertained with family when there’s a blackout? Get card games or board games and have fun with your family and forget about loadshedding troubles!

Jax Sequence- Large - Original Sequence Game with Folding Board, Cards and Chips
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Uno Card game
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9. PSP or Gameboy

Many kids in this digital age are used to playing video games or watching cartoons on their tablets. If you notice your child is bored and want to keep him/her entertained, then a portable gaming console is your best bet. It’ll even keep them from draining the battery on your phone!

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Do you have more tips and tricks to keep your sanity during loadshedding? Let us know!

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