10 Top Rice Brands with Prices in Pakistan (2024)

10 Top Rice Brands with Prices in Pakistan (2024)

Rice, a staple in the Pakistani culinary landscape, holds a special place in the hearts and kitchens of millions. With a plethora of rice brands available, consumers are presented with a diverse range of options, each boasting distinct qualities and flavors. This article explores the top 10 rice brands in Pakistan, offering insights into their popularity. The types of rice they provide, and their significance in the local market. While the list includes both Basmati and non-Basmati varieties, it underscores the cultural and economic importance of rice in Pakistan.

Factors to Consider When Buying Rice

  1. Variety: Select the rice variety based on your taste preferences, such as Basmati for aromatic dishes or Jasmine for a fragrant touch.
  2. Grain Type: Consider the grain type for the desired texture – long-grain for fluffy rice or short-grain for stickier consistency.
  3. Color: Choose white and brown rice, with white offering a milder taste and brown. Providing more nutrients and a nuttier flavor.
  4. Culinary Use: Tailor your choice to the dish you’re preparing, whether it’s biryanis, sushi, or risotto. To enhance the overall dining experience.
  5. Quality Assurance: Opt for reputable brands, and check for well-packaged, undamaged rice to ensure quality and freshness.

Price List of Rice Brands

S#Rice BrandsPrice 1KG/5KG
1.Falak Basmati RiceRs 400- 4600
2.Guard RiceRs 450-2500
3.Mughal RiceRs 400-2200
4.Himalayan ChefRs 400-6500
5.Mehran Group RiceRs 500-2200
6.Sunridge RiceRs 500-2500
7.Jazaa Basmati RiceRs 400-2500
8.Amaj FoodsRs 400-2400
9.Kausar Super Kernel RiceRs 3200-4600
10.Lazzat Super Basmati RiceRs 500-2600

1. Falak Basmati Rice

1. Falak Basmati Rice

FALAK® Basmati Rice by Matco Foods is a globally celebrated rice brand, renowned for its aromatic grains and impeccable quality. Meticulously selected from the finest basmati crops, each grain undergoes a thorough pre-cleaning process, ensuring purity and excellence. Processed in one of the world’s most advanced rice facilities, FALAK® Basmati Rice is aged for perfection in Matco’s quality-driven warehouses.

With a minimum length of 7.3mm and intact tips, these grains embody culinary excellence. Making FALAK® Basmati Rice the preferred choice in over 40 countries. Every plate becomes a celebration of life’s flavors, transcending borders and enriching cuisines across the globe.

2. Guard Rice

2. Guard Rice

Guard Rice is a mega brand synonymous with quality and authenticity in the world of basmati. Meticulously cultivated in the lush fields of Punjab and nurtured by the pristine waters of the Himalayas, Guard Rice reflects a commitment to perfection and premium basmati experiences.

Guard Supreme Basmati, the crown jewel of Guard Rice, is the result of years of research and development. Aged for two years to perfection, each grain averages an impressive length of 7.20mm, showcasing extraordinary quality and a unique basmati aroma. The silk-touch grains, with a width of 1.62mm, deliver an unparalleled culinary adventure, setting Guard Supreme Basmati apart as the epitome of extra-long luxury.

For health-conscious individuals, Guard Brown Basmati Rice offers a natural and nutritious alternative. Naturally aromatic, full of taste, and packed with health benefits, this variety is perfect for those managing diabetes. With low sodium content, high iron levels, and dietary fiber, Guard Brown Basmati Rice consistently meets the expectations of consumers.

3. Mughal Rice

3. Mughal Rice

Mughal, a distinguished brand under Garibsons, stands tall in the global market for its premium rice and wheat flour. Renowned as one of the highest-selling brands in Pakistan’s modern trade outlets, Mughal is not confined to national borders; it is internationally registered and celebrated across 60 countries.

Catering to various price ranges, Mughal carries a simple yet powerful guarantee – our rice not only cooks longer but is also more aromatic and possesses a stronger grain compared to any brand in the same price category.

Mughal Basmati Rice, the flagship product, is cultivated in selected regions of Punjab, ensuring high quality. With a rich aromatic flavor, soft long grains, and a commitment to being free from additives, Mughal Basmati Rice shines in diverse culinary creations. Its non-clumping characteristic after cooking makes it an ideal choice for preparing Biryani, Pulao, Chinese rice, and a myriad of other rice dishes. Mughal, a name synonymous with quality and culinary excellence, continues to elevate the dining experience globally.

4. Himalayan Chef

4. Himalayan Chef

Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing 100% naturally pure and ethically sourced food. Sourced from the world’s best fertile regions, each grain of Basmati Rice undergoes a meticulous milling process on traditional granite stones. This ensures that the essential nutrients and flavor of the rice remain intact, delivering a wholesome and authentic culinary experience.

As part of Himalayan Chef’s dedication to purity and quality, Basmati Rice is gluten-free, organic, and vegetarian, meeting the highest standards of healthy and sustainable food choices. This premium Basmati Rice is perfect for those who seek a combination of health and taste in their meals.

5. Mehran Group Rice

Mehran Group, a revered name in the food industry, is committed to upholding its legacy as a purveyor of top-notch food products that find a place in kitchens worldwide. The Ultra-Extra Long Basmati Rice (XXL), Gold-Kernel Basmati Rice, Premium Basmati Rice Daily, and Majestic Extra Long Sella Basmati Rice (XXL) are the epitome of Mehran’s dedication to quality.

Sourced from the fertile heartland of Punjab and processed using cutting-edge Buhler rice plant technology from Germany, Mehran Group’s rice offerings are a testament to tradition, precision, and exceptional taste. Experience the rich Mehran tradition with every grain, and let your culinary journey be defined by quality and excellence.

6. Sunridge Rice

6. Sunridge Rice

Sunridges Food brings you a stellar collection of premium rice varieties, each offering a unique culinary experience. Delight your senses with the aromatic excellence of Premium Basmati Rice. And indulge in the royal taste of Royale Super Basmati Rice. Experience the wholesomeness of Barkat Basmati Rice, and savor the rich flavor of Sella Gold Basmati Rice. And relish the perfection of Umdah Basmati Rice. These carefully selected rice options cater to diverse preferences, promising a symphony of flavors in every grain.

Beyond rice, Sunridges Food enriches your culinary journey with a comprehensive range of essentials. From the finest maida, atta, and suji for your baking and cooking needs to quality salt, sugar, and a variety of lentils and pulses. Sunridges Food ensures your kitchen is well-stocked with premium ingredients.

7. Jazaa Rice

7. Jazaa Rice

Jazaa Global Pvt Ltd presents a culinary journey like no other, introducing a range of premium rice varieties designed for discerning palates. Immerse yourself in the aromatic richness of Elite Basmati Rice, savor the exceptional quality of Premium Basmati Rice, and embrace the wholesome nuttiness of Brown Rice.

Each grain is meticulously crafted to redefine gastronomic excellence, where simplicity meets sophistication. While they offer a diverse range of food products, including cooking essentials, seasonings, and more, it’s their exquisite rice varieties that stand as a true testament to culinary perfection.

8. Amaj Foods

8. Amaj Foods

Discover the essence of flavor and nourishment with Amaj Foods, a brand dedicated to providing an exquisite selection of over 100 organic food products cultivated through sustainable farming practices. Embracing a commitment to purity, Amaj Foods ensures each product is free from synthetic chemicals and pesticides. At the core of their offerings is the Extra-Long Grain Premium Basmati Rice, renowned for its authentic taste and aroma, making it a culinary staple.

 With slender grains and a distinctive nutty flavor, Amaj Foods Premium Basmati Rice stands out for its non-sticky texture, quick cooking, and nutritional benefits. Carefully selected and processed, this rice is a premium-quality, gluten-free option for versatile and delightful culinary experiences.

9. Kausar Super Kernel Rice

9. Kausar Super Kernel Rice

Kausar Super Kernal Basmati Rice, often hailed as the king of rice, stands as a flavorful and nutritious choice for your culinary delights. Renowned for its extra-long grain, unique taste, and nutty aroma, this gluten-free rice is an excellent addition to the diets of those with gluten intolerance. Processed with utmost hygiene and packed to preserve its soft, non-sticky texture, Kausar Super Kernal Basmati Rice shines in its exceptional length, which doubles after cooking.

Introducing Kausar Supreme Basmati Rice, a polished variant offering a smooth feel and a light cream color characteristic of basmati. With an aromatic profile, absence of abnormal flavors or odors, and excellent cooking results, it delivers a typical basmati aroma and taste. Boasting an extra-long grain, low fat content, and distinctive yellow packaging, Kausar Supreme Basmati Rice promises a delightful and premium rice experience

10. Lazzat Foods

Explore a world of culinary delight with Lazzat Foods, where the pursuit of taste and quality is a longstanding tradition. Boasting a diverse product range exceeding 100 food items, Lazzat Foods caters to the discerning palates of its consumers. At the heart of their offerings are the premium Sella Basmati Rice and the exquisite Supreme Basmati Rice, both epitomizing the brand’s dedication to delivering unparalleled flavor and satisfaction.

Whether you’re cooking up a savory biryani or a delicate pilaf, Lazzat Foods ensures that every dish is infused with the essence of excellence. Elevate your culinary journey with Lazzat Foods, where taste meets tradition.

Types of Basmati Rice

In Pakistan, there are several types of Basmati rice, each known for its unique characteristics and qualities. Some notable varieties include:

  1. Super Kernel Basmati: Recognized for its extra-long grains and aromatic flavor.
  2. 1121 Basmati: Characterized by long, slender grains and a distinct fragrance.
  3. Kainat Basmati: Known for its excellent cooking properties and aromatic profile.
  4. 386 Basmati: An older variety with good aroma and flavor.
  5. D-98 Basmati: Celebrated for its long grains and rich aroma.

These are just a few examples, and there may be other regional or local varieties with their own distinct features. The choice often depends on personal preferences and the specific culinary requirements of individuals.

Where to Buy Rice in Pakistan

When looking to purchase rice in Pakistan, there are several convenient options. Firstly, explore the official websites of your preferred rice brands, where you can find detailed information and sometimes make online purchases. Additionally, Naheed Supermarket, a well-established retail chain, offers a variety of rice brands in its outlets. For online shopping, check out Daraz, a popular e-commerce platform in Pakistan, where you can conveniently browse and order different rice varieties. Lastly, your local grocery stores and retailers likely carry a selection of rice brands, providing an opportunity to explore options available in your neighborhood.


1. Are there gluten-free rice options available?

Yes, Basmati rice is naturally gluten-free, making it a safe choice for those with gluten sensitivities.

2. What distinguishes premium Basmati rice from regular rice?

Premium Basmati rice is characterized by its extra-long grains, distinctive aroma, non-sticky texture, and rich flavor profile.

3. Where is the best rice in pakistan areas?
The finest Basmati rice in Pakistan is often linked to particular regions:

  • Punjab (Kalar, Kamoke, Hafizabad): Acknowledged for its premium Basmati rice quality.
  • Sindh (Khairpur, Larkana): A major contributor to Basmati rice production.
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Swat): Recognized for delivering high-quality Basmati rice.

When selecting rice, consumers typically opt for well-established brands and specific varieties such as Super Kernel Basmati or 1121 Basmati, celebrated for their exceptional quality. Pakistani Basmati rice holds a global reputation for its superior standards.

4. Which is the best rice for daily use?

The best rice for daily use depends on personal preferences and dietary needs. However, some commonly preferred rice varieties for daily consumption include:

  1. Basmati Rice: Known for its aromatic fragrance and long grains, it’s a popular choice in many households.
  2. Jasmine Rice: A fragrant rice variety with a slightly sticky texture, commonly used in Asian cuisines.
  3. Long-Grain White Rice: Versatile and quick to cook, suitable for various dishes.
  4. Brown Rice: A nutritious option with a nutty flavor and higher fiber content compared to white rice.
  5. Parboiled Rice: Precooked and then dried, it retains more nutrients compared to regular white rice.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on individual taste preferences, cooking methods, and nutritional considerations.


In the rich tapestry of Pakistani cuisine, the selection of the right rice brand is a nuanced choice, driven by factors ranging from taste preferences to regional traditions. As we conclude our exploration of the top 10 rice brands in Pakistan, it becomes evident that the market is vibrant and diverse, catering to the varied needs of consumers. Whether it’s the aromatic Basmati grains or the versatile non-Basmati varieties, these rice brands play a crucial role in shaping the culinary experiences of households across the nation.

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