5 Best Ghee and Oil Brands Price in Pakistan for Delicious Cooking

5 Best Ghee and Oil Brands Price in Pakistan for Delicious Cooking

Ghee and oil are essential kitchen staples in Pakistani households, used for various culinary purposes to add flavor and richness to dishes. However, in recent times, the prices of these cooking essentials have been subject to fluctuations, impacting the household budgets of many. In this article, we will explore ghee and oil price in Pakistan, along with some of the top brands offering these products. We’ll also delve into the factors influencing price changes and provide valuable insights for readers.

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5 Best Ghee and Oil Prices in Pakistan

S#BrandTypeSizePrice (PKR)
1.Shan FoodsGhee1 kg1200
2.DaldaGhee2 kg2400
3.Habib OilCooking Oil5 liters1500
4.MezanCooking Oil1 liter500
5.SufiCooking Oil2 liters1000
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In Pakistan, ghee and cooking oil are fundamental components of the culinary landscape, adding rich flavor and texture to a wide range of dishes. However, the prices of these kitchen essentials can vary, impacting household budgets. To help you navigate the market, here’s a list of some of the top ghee and oil brands along with their respective prices per unit:

1. Shan Foods

Shan Foods, a renowned name in the culinary world, brings you the finest quality ghee that’s deeply rooted in tradition. Made from pure ingredients, Shan Foods Ghee offers a rich and authentic taste to your dishes. It’s the perfect choice to add that unmistakable flavor and aroma to your favorite recipes. With Shan Foods Ghee, you’re not just cooking; you’re creating a culinary masterpiece.

Type: Ghee

Size: 1 kg

Price (PKR): 1200

2. Dalda

Dalda, a trusted name in households across Pakistan, brings you the epitome of culinary excellence with its premium quality ghee. Rooted in a rich tradition of taste, Dalda Ghee is crafted to perfection, using only the finest ingredients. Its unmatched flavor and aroma make it the ideal choice to elevate your cooking to new heights. When you choose Dalda Ghee, you’re not just adding an ingredient; you’re preserving a legacy of deliciousness in every dish.

Type: Ghee

Size: 2 kg

Price (PKR): 2400.

3. Habib Oil

Habib Oil, a trusted name in the world of cooking oils, offers you a premium solution for your culinary needs. Crafted to provide both taste and health benefits, Habib Oil is the ideal choice for health-conscious individuals. With a generous size of 5 liters, it ensures you have an ample supply for your kitchen. Whether you’re frying, sautéing, or simply drizzling it over your favorite dishes, Habib Oil brings the goodness of quality cooking to your home. Choose Habib Oil for a healthier and flavorful cooking experience.

Type: Cooking Oil

Size: 5 liters

Price (PKR): 1500

4. Mezan

Mezan Cooking Oil, a trusted choice for households, embodies the essence of purity and quality. With a convenient 1-liter size, it’s perfect for everyday cooking needs. Crafted to meet the highest standards, Mezan Cooking Oil ensures that your meals are not just delicious but also healthy. Its affordability at 500 PKR makes it an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers. Elevate your culinary experience with Mezan and savor the pure flavors it brings to your dishes.

Type: Cooking Oil

Size: 1 liter

Price (PKR): 500

5. Sufi

Sufi Cooking Oil, available in a practical 2-liter size, is a trusted companion in Pakistani kitchens. Crafted to perfection, it enriches your dishes with a delicate balance of flavor and nutrition. Priced at 1000 PKR, Sufi offers an excellent option for those seeking quality at an affordable price. Elevate your cooking experience with Sufi and savor the delightful tastes it brings to your meals.

Type: Cooking Oil

Size: 2 liters

Price (PKR): 1000

Understanding the Importance of Ghee and Oil in Pakistan

Ghee and oil are not merely ingredients; they are integral to Pakistani cuisine and culture. Whether it’s making delicious biryanis, frying crispy pakoras, or creating mouthwatering Halwas, these cooking essentials play a vital role in making meals flavorful and nutritious. Traditionally, ghee has been the preferred fat for cooking due to its rich taste and higher smoke point, while various cooking oils cater to different dietary preferences and health considerations.

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Factors Affecting Ghee and Oil Prices

Several factors contribute to the fluctuation in ghee and oil prices in Pakistan

  1. Global Commodity Prices: Ghee and cooking oils are derived from various commodities like palm oil, sunflower seeds, and soybeans. International prices of these commodities can impact the local prices of ghee and oil.
  2. Exchange Rates: As Pakistan imports a significant portion of its cooking oils, exchange rate fluctuations can affect the final prices of these products.
  3. Seasonal Demand: Ghee and oil prices may vary seasonally, especially during Ramadan and Eid, when the demand for these cooking essentials tends to increase.
  4. Government Policies: Changes in government policies, such as taxation and import regulations, can influence the prices of ghee and oil.
  5. Transportation Costs: Rising transportation costs can also contribute to price changes, as ghee and oil need to be distributed from production centers to retail outlets across the country.

Tips for Consumers

Considering the importance of ghee and oil in Pakistani cooking, consumers need to make informed decisions while purchasing these products. Here are some tips to help you manage your kitchen budget effectively:

  1. Compare Prices: Always compare prices across different brands and sizes before making a purchase. Look out for promotions or discounts offered by retailers.
  2. Buy in Bulk: Purchasing larger quantities can often result in cost savings, so consider buying ghee and oil in bulk if feasible for your household.
  3. Use in Moderation: Ghee and oil add taste and texture to dishes. Excessive consumption may not be beneficial for health. Use these cooking essentials in moderation.
  4. Store Properly: To maintain the freshness and quality of ghee and oil, store them in cool, dark places away from direct sunlight.


1. Which ghee is best in Pakistan?

Dalda is one of the best Ghee in Pakistan.

2. What are ghee and oil price in Pakistan?

The prices vary from 1000-2500 PKR.


Ghee and oil are an integral part of Pakistani cuisine. And their prices can have a significant impact on household budgets. As consumers, being aware of the current prices, top brands, and factors affecting price changes can help make informed decisions. By making smart choices and using these cooking essentials judiciously. We can continue to relish the delightful flavors they bring to our meals while managing our kitchen expenses effectively.

Remember to stay updated with the latest price trends. And keep an eye out for promotions or discounts to make the most of your culinary journey with ghee and oil price in Pakistan. Happy cooking!

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