Lawn Fashion Trends 2021 Revealed by the Maahru Designer Herself!

Lawn Fashion Trends 2021 Revealed by the Maahru Designer Herself!

Designer lawn suits are one of the most popular fashion statements in Pakistan. Several Pakistani fashion brands are known for their exclusive designs and great quality. 

And you’ll be delighted to know that an up and coming brand – Maahru has also joined the league of the best fashion brands in Pakistan!

Maahru’s tagline – “wear everywhere” perfectly explains the purpose and thought process behind its designs. It’s a fashion brand that is meant to be flaunted at just about any occasion. Whether you’re going to a formal dinner or a more casual hangout, whether it’s a corporate look you want or one for an elegant evening – whatever it is, Maahru has got you!

Maahru Unstitched Collection - Daraz Life

Maahru is now launching its first ever unstitched lawn collection and we’re thrilled for their new designs. 

Hiba Zehra is the genius behind Maahru. With a passion for fashion and a unique take on trends, Hiba has designed Maahru with just that in mind. 

So, when you get the chance to talk to the Maahru designer herself, you take it! We, at Daraz Life, were super excited to talk to Hiba, and took this chance to ask her about the lawn 2021 trends and her inspiration behind Maahru. 

Here’s what she had to say:

What lawn trends should we expect to see in 2021? 

According to Hiba, people are done with solids. Now that everyone is finally getting to step out of their homes, they want to REALLY dress up. This means we can expect some really bold fashion statements to take off this year. The world doesn’t want to play safe with their fashion choices at this point, thinks Hiba.

What is the fashion color for 2021?

Maahru Unstitched Collection - Daraz Life

Hiba thinks that just like the bold fashion statement that most people are predicted to choose, their color choices are also not going to be so subtle. “So, lilac wasn’t a preferred choice for most people before. But it finally got its long-due attention in the past year. And I think, now it’s time for the yellow family to come into the limelight,” said Hiba. 

What was your inspiration behind Maahru’s unstitched collection?

“I drew my inspiration for the first volume of lawn from Sulfi embroidery, owing to its intricate design pattern. I then had those further infused with geometric patterns,” said Hiba. According to her, our culture reflects a great deal of beauty and colors, “and luckily, women’s clothing is one such space we get to experiment with these colors and designs.”

What colors would you mix and match short red tops with?

For Hiba, every design should be unique but it has to sit well with your eyes too. “For example, I wouldn’t use silver on red. It’s just a bit much for me and I don’t entirely feel comfortable with it.” According to the Maahru designer, every color should be paired with another color that compliments it, rather than fights it for equal attention. 

What clothes look best on plus size?

Hiba says that horizontal stripes are a no-no for plus size. “Visually, it will enhance the horizontal field. Stripes in general are a little tricky because there is color breakage. So the idea is to use darker shades to contour the figure. Basically, it’s best to use dark colors wherever you want to camouflage your conscious points.”

What accessory should people use more often?

“I think anklets are highly underrated!” Hiba says that using anklets with culottes or any pants for that matter gives a unique and chic touch to your overall look! 

What do you think about hoops?

Hiba thinks that hoop earrings are an evergreen accessory. “I’m yet to meet someone who can’t pull off hoops!”

What does one have to study to become a fashion designer?

“There are many fashion designing courses that you can do for this. I have a BFD – Bachelors in Fashion Designing. There was a time when we didn’t have enough avenues for aspiring fashion designers but today there are several institutes that offer it – PIFD in Lahore, AIFD, and Indus University in Karachi to name a few.” Hiba also encouraged aspiring fashion designers to take Arts as a subject in their O-levels and A-levels. She said that not having studied Arts will probably not hold you back, but it’ll help you if you do take Arts. It will really help put you in that artistic mindset required for becoming a fashion designer. 

Maahru Unstitched Collection - Daraz Life

Now that you know what fashion trends are coming up this year, perhaps it’s time to take advantage of it and start preparing now! Maahru unstitched lawn collection is designed keeping in mind all that is predicted in fashion for 2021. 

So, why wait? Pre-book your Maahru lawn today and be THE trendsetter for 2021!

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