Get away from all new mom worries with MOM SHOW on Daraz Live!


Get away from all new mom worries with MOM SHOW on Daraz Live!

The concept about this show is to cater the needs of new and upcoming mom-to- be, a complete guide to give your infants a quality life by giving them the correct balance of nutrients.

The Mom Show on Daraz is all about the addressing the issues of new mom including the upbringing process, medical queries, educational problems and much more.

Once you’re done through pregnancy, and delivery then it’s a whole new world to begin your life with your loved ones, you might cross with unanswered queries and have no idea what to do about it!

Let’s put all your fears aside because Daraz Live brings the best guide about baby-care concerns, emotional bonding with your infant, breastfeeding, bathing and much more.

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Baby Concerns Guide on Mom Show

1. Child Development Basics: 5 Main Areas of Child Development

It is extremely important to dedicate your special time to your infants in the early 5 years, because it is where they grow, learn, adapt, and practice. The initial five main areas of child development include:

  • Gross motor skills

This includes the cardio skills of infants like jumping, crawling, running, swimming, or any outgoing activity which includes exertion.

  • Fine motor skills

This is a learning process of creativity which can be adapted through external environments like thinking, acts, writing, painting and drawing.

  • Speech and language

It can be learned in the time span of 4 years where an infant observes the ongoing activities and makes their own way of speaking.

  • Cognitive and intellectual

This is the trickiest learning phase and needs attention, in this phase an infant identifies shapes, counting, reading and memories.

  • Social and emotional skills

Emotional skills are about connectedness and bonding whereas, social skills are all about having fun and playing with other children.

2. Excessive Screen Time (How to fix it)

Excessive screen time in children is extremely harmful, it has been linked to problems like anger, frustration, mood swings, aggression, and other unstable emotional problems. These problems in your children often lead to explosive behavioral change and depletes their mental energy and runs them out of focus.

Reduce the screen time by falling asleep early, it can risk your child’s life and can put them in depression and anxiety attacks also it will make it hard for your child to get enough sleep at night.

3. Homemade Food vs Junk Food (How to get your child in loving home-made food)

Homemade food is a rich source of nutrients and vitamins, maintaining the correct balance of sodium, sugars and carbohydrates. It is easier to digest, cost effective, healthy and low carbohydrates which exclude obesity and weight gain problems.

While junk on the other hand is high in cholesterol, saturated fats, palm oils and unhygienic ingredients, which can ruin your child’s health and lead towards a poor balanced diet.

The best way to make your child fall for it is presentation skills and food decors which can be done with lunch boxes as well to make it look more appealing.

4. Breastfeed vs Formula Milk (Mother’s personal preference according to the child’s needs)

Nothing in this world can compete with breaking milk for an infant’s health, it is a rich source of enzymes and nutrients which will help babies to fight probiotics and make the immunity strong while storing good bacteria.

Whereas, on the other hand, formulated milk is difficult to digest in early stages and less chances of having bouts, diarrhea, and constipation which is a common symptom. Breast milk is loaded with additional minerals and vitamins and can be only given to infants before a proper screening of mothers.


Daraz Live’s Mom Show brings all the solutions for new and upcoming moms so stay tuned! Make sure to set the reminder on Daraz app to catch the live streaming of the every Monday starting from 25th July.

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