Things You Should be Avoiding this Independence Day

Things You Should be Avoiding this Independence Day

71 years ago, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah laid down the foundation of a separate nation, Pakistan. And every 14th of August, we remember the hardships and struggles our forefathers went through to let us celebrate our independence. Some of us, however, get a ‘little’ carried away with the celebrations, causing more harm to themselves and others around them.

Taking the Silencers Off

Be it Karachi or Pindi, altering your motorbikes and taking to the roads, without silencers is a common norm on Independence Day. You might be feeding your inner dare-devil by zipping through traffic, performing dangerous stunts, roaring your bike every time you find an open road, but can you guys try to keep it down this year?

‘Hawai Firing’

We get it, they preferred Sylvester Stallone over you when casting for Rambo, but that doesn’t mean you take it on the sky. Hawai firing has caused some serious damage to people with stray bullets destroying lives and properties. Next time when you feel the need to satisfy your adrenaline with lead, think over it.

Plastic Flags

You might feel the street hawker is ripping you off with plastic flags for your cars, but unless you plan on keeping them with you for the rest of your life, don’t invest in them. With plastic being their main composite, discarding them only produces more non-biodegradable trash left untreated.

Fire Crackers

As soon as the clock strikes 12AM, galis and mohallas are flooded with effervescent kids and their explosive antics. As vibrant as they seem, these fire crackers,  are a nuisance for the old, sick and the infants living there, or anyone trying to get some sleep.

So, this year, lets just try to avoid these hazardous acts, play it safe and celebrate cautiously with your loved ones.
Happy Independence Day 😊

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