9 Types of Pakistanis You Will See on Independence Day

9 Types of Pakistanis You Will See on Independence Day

14th August is here and we’re pumped! We’re sure you’ve so many ideas of what your “14 August” or “Jashan-e-Azaadi” is going to be like. But waiiiiiiit a minuuuteeee!

While you may have some fresh ideas on what to do this year, there are always some very specific types of people that you’ll see on the Green Day!

We’re sure you’ll relate with all of the mentioned types of people – let us begin!

1. The Discount Stalker

Independence Day Discounts
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First up, there would always be the one who will prioritize to head towards the malls and outlets to cash in on azadi sale on their favorite brands!

2. The Street Entertainers

Pakistani Bikers 14th August
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Then, the not so silent boys would just be eager on the night of the 13th and as soon as the clock hits midnight, an ocean of bikers will start to flow on the roads. With all the noise from miles away, you’ll witness some mind-boggling stunts as well!

Plus the ones in cars would express their love for the nation through as much flags as they can. One to stick out of the car window, one to put over the bonnet and what not!

3. The Green Machine

Green Independence Day Clothes
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You’ll definitely see all the greenery this independence day as well. For some, passion will be pumping through the veins and expressed through clothes, face paint, badges, flags, and even nails!

4. The Selfie Expert

Perfect Selfie
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A selfie for Facebook, a selfie for Instagram, one for Snapchat, and one for the Whatsapp profile photo! The selfie expert would just spend time to click the perfect one with the perfect filter. Mind you, these people would be spending time to decide their favorite uploads for all the platforms!

5. The All-Day Sleeper

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You’ll also see the person who doesn’t care what’s going on, and will only find different places to have his precious nap. The parade is on? OK great, sleep! Going out with family? OK fantastic, sleep in the car!

6. The Walking-Talking Pakistani Flag

celebs Independence day

Yup, this one would quite literally be the human version of the Pakistani flag. They’ll be dressed in the perfect green and white attire, have a badge pinned to their clothes, and perhaps a Pakistani flag in their hand. You know you’ve seen them!

7. The One Who Must Put Up a Flag on the House

Sacred National Flag of PAKISTAN Hoisted At QUAID E AZAM's Ziarat Residency  | PAKDEFENSE

These are the people who may or may not display patriotism otherwise, but on 14th August, they’ll definitely raise a flag on the house-roof or terrace – the bigger, the better! And you never know, they might even add other Pakistan day themed hangings to embellish the house elevation!

8. Those Who Play Milli-Naghma Loud

Pakistan GIF

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And how can we forget the people who’ll play Pakistani milli-naghmas loudly in their cars and homes and dance to it to display their patriotism. From jeeway jeeway and dil dil Pakistan to Mehdi Hassan songs and the national anthem itself, you’ll hear it all on this day! 

9. The Social-Media Patriots

Status Update Facebook Gif By RealitytvGIF

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We all know these people who’ll most certainly upload pictures with captions and statuses on how patriotic they feel on this day!

Now the question is, did you find yourself in one of these types of people?

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And by the way, Azaadi Mubarak to you!

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