How Much is Kaffarah in Pakistan (2022) – Daraz Life

How Much is Kaffarah in Pakistan (2022) – Daraz Life

Ramadan 2022 is upon us and if you’ve been wondering how much is Kaffarah in Pakistan this year, this blog will answer all your questions!

Kaffarah in Pakistan

What is Kaffarah in Islam?

Kaffarah is an Islamic donation that is made when you deliberately miss or break your fast during the month of Ramadan without a valid reason. You can pay Kaffarah in cash or food or if you would like, you can make up for missed fasts by fasting continuously for 60 days. If, however, you miss any of these 60 days you will have to start over until the 60 days are complete in one go.

What Does Kaffarah Mean?

The word Kaffarah is taken from the Arabic word which literally means “what is paid to redress an imbalance”. Kaffarah is paid for a number of reasons from sinning to breaking fasts.

What is the Difference Between Fidya and Kaffarah?

The difference between Fidya and Kaffarah is intention. When you intentionally break a fast or do not fast – you have to pay kaffarah i.e, a penalty donation. Whereas Fidya is paid for fasts that you cannot keep for a valid reason such as long term sickness.

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How much is Kaffarah in Pakistan for Not Fasting?

To Pay the Amount of Kaffarah for Not Fasting in Pakistan, one can fulfill Kaffara price by feeding 60 persons at one time, feeding one person for 60 days and keeping the fast for two consecutive months.

  • This amount may vary and may be given all at once or spread over 60 days.
  • You can pay Kaffarah in cash, food, or grain.
  • You only have to pay Kaffarah once, despite how many fasts were broken in a single Ramadan.
  • If you have fed a small child, the Kaffarah will not be discharged unless an equal number of adults have been fed. However, if the full Sadqah Fitr amount was given in cash to a poor child, the Kaffarah will be fulfilled.
  • The Kaffarah that commences on the 1st day of the Islamic month, then fasting two full Islamic months will suffice for the Kaffarah even if the total number of days In the two months are less than 60.
  • If, however, the Kaffarah is started later on during the course of the month, then you will need to fast for a full 60 days.

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