HESCO Duplicate Bill 2021 – How To Check HESCO Duplicate Bill Online

HESCO Duplicate Bill 2021 – How To Check HESCO Duplicate Bill Online

Don’t know how to check duplicate copy of HESCO bill online? This blog tells you how to do a HESCO duplicate bill online check!

HESCO stands for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company which is an electricity distributor. HESCO duplicate bill online check method gives us a good opportunity to check your bill without stepping out.

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How to check HESCO duplicate bill?

Check HESCO Duplicate Bill 2021 Online

  1. Visit the HESCO billing page.
  2. Find your reference number from your previous bill.
  3. Insert your reference number in the specified space.
  4. Mark the Type: Electricity Bill option and click submit.

Where can I get my HESCO consumer number?

To check your HESCO consumer number, take a look at your old HESCO bill. Look for the reference number on it which will serve as your HESCO consumer number that will be required to access your HESCO duplicate bill.

How do I download my HESCO duplicate bill?

To download your HESCO duplicate bill , visit www.hesco.gov.pk. Scroll down to find the duplicate bill option and click on it. There you will have to enter the reference number or consumer number to download your HESCO duplicate bill 2021.

How is the HESCO bill calculation done?

HESCO bill calculation components can be seen on your bill. SOme of the taxes that you will find in your HESCO bill calculation include GST, electricity duty (ED), L.P Surcharge and N.J. Surcharge.

What is the HESCO complaint information?

The HESCO complaint information is indicated on your HESCO bill. You can also contact the HESCO complaint center in case of any miscalculation, electricity theft, assistance for connections or malfunctions in meter, etc. If you’re accessing the HESCO duplicate bill, you can find it as indicated in the image below:

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