What is Daraz Club & How to Become a Member of it?

What is Daraz Club & How to Become a Member of it?

Daraz, Pakistan’s leading online marketplace, has launched Daraz Club A new loyalty program for its customers.

It is a program that will allow customers to earn points for every purchase they make on the site, which can then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

This is your chance to get rewarded for shopping on Daraz.

With this program, you can earn points for every purchase you make, which can be redeemed for exclusive discounts and deals. So start shopping and start earning today!

What Exactly is the Daraz Club?

A loyalty club where members will be able to get exclusive benefits for being a loyal shopper on Daraz.

How to Become a Daraz Club Member? 

You can purchase an order to earn coins after July 2022. You need to earn 1500 coins to become a member and avail yourself of the amazing benefits. You can place a minimum of 2 orders worth 750 or more.

You need to collect the required number of coins mentioned below within a particular period. There are two periods each year (1st Jan-30th June) & (1st July-31st December).

It means you can make a purchase starting from July 1st to December 31st. After December, your status will expire. 

How to Check If I am a Member of Daraz Loyalty Club?

Simply, you have to just open the Daraz app on your mobile and tap on Daraz Coins icon on top right next to the search bar on your home screen.


After checking the status, start earning 1500 coins to exclusively enjoy the rewards and benefits of collecting the coins and becoming a loyalty member.

You can also check your coin history through this page and see how to earn coins, which is very easy. Just shop for products and collect coins.

If you are a non-member your page will look like this.

Tap the 🛈 icon on the top right of the page to access the educational page and see what Daraz Club is.

This is the page that will open where you get to know what the Daraz club is about. Scroll down the screen, you will find FAQs regarding the loyalty club, and also details regarding the discounts and benefits of being a member.

Benefits of Joining the Daraz Club

  1. Redeem coins for discounts

You can use the coins you’ve earned by making purchases when you’re checking out.

  1. Increment in the Earnings in all categories

You can earn more coins while spending the same amount. You can earn 2x your coins while shopping in the fashion category. It is available after all the purchases from July ‘2022.

  1. Accelerated Earnings on Mega Campaigns

You can earn even more coins on specific purchases during mega campaigns, and more coins mean more discounts. So keep an eye out for accelerated earning days during mega campaigns.

  1. Members’ Exclusive Vouchers:

Daraz Club rewards you for being a loyal customer, and you can get coupons that only members can use to save even more money. 

How to Earn coins?

  • You have to make an order.
  • After purchasing the order, you will be able to collect coins.
  • This will help you unlock the member tier.
  • Then you can redeem the coins and get other benefits.

How to Exchange Coins for Discount at Check Out

On the check out page, you have to turn on the toggle on your check out. Once the toggle is on, the exact amount will be shown.  

Learn more about What is Daraz Coin and How to Collect more Daraz coins. 

How to use Member exclusive Member:

You have to go to any product page, then collect the exclusive voucher from any product page. Now you can use the voucher at checkout. 

Collection and Redemption Limit

Daily Limit:

You can collect 1000 coins in 24 hours and redeem them. After 24 hours, the daily limit will be reset to zero.

Weekly Limit:

You can collect coins from Monday 0:00 to Sunday 23:59 and redeem the coins in this period. After Sunday 23:59, the weekly limit will be reset to zero.

So, don’t miss these amazing vouchers, discounts and benefits by being a member of the Loyalty Club. Hurry up and go to the Daraz app and become a member.

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