10 Best Women Trimmers in Pakistan 2023

10 Best Women Trimmers in Pakistan 2023

In Pakistan, the market for women’s trimmers has flourished, offering a variety of options to meet diverse grooming needs. Here, we highlight the top trimmer for women, each celebrated for its unique features and effectiveness in delivering a comfortable grooming experience.

Why Every Woman Needs a Reliable Trimmer

  1. Precision and Control: A reliable trimmer offers precision in grooming, allowing women to control the shape and length of their hair.
  2. Versatility and Time Efficiency: With the ability to groom various areas quickly, trimmers save time and offer versatility for facial and body hair maintenance.
  3. Convenience and Skin Care: Cordless and compact, a good trimmer provides convenient grooming anytime, while also catering to sensitive skin with reduced irritation and risk of cuts.

List of Women Trimmers in Pakistan with Prices

S#Product NamePrice Range
1.Philips Bikini Trimmer BRT383/15Rs 10000
2.Nakson Women TrimmerRs 799
3.Beauty Lab Women TrimmerRs 649
4.Treet Femina Women TrimmerRs 165
5.Kemei KM-2199 Women TrimmerRs 5204
6.FEIDIAO Women TrimmerRs 999
7.Dorco Tinkle RazorRs 299
8.Qiangren women trimmerRs 999
9.Kemei KM-1012 women trimmerRs 2149
10.Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Women TrimmerRs 735

1. Philips Bikini Trimmer BRT383/15

Introducing the Philips BikiniGenie Trimmer BRT383/15- your solution for a flawless bikini line without skin irritations, nicks, or cuts. This women’s trimmer offers a safe and easy way to trim, shape, and style the hair, ensuring perfect results every time. Upgrade your grooming routine with Philips BikiniGenie for a comfortable and precise bikini trim.

2. Nakson Women Trimmer

Introducing the Nakson Women Trimmer – a sleek 2-in-1 Laser Hair Removal tool for effortless grooming. This compact device includes an eyebrow remover and face hair trimmer, making it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.

With a detachable, waterproof design and a stainless-steel cover for safety, it ensures painless hair removal in various areas. Ideal for all skin types, the Nakson Women Trimmer is not just a grooming essential but a thoughtful and elegant gift

3. Beauty Lab Women Trimmer

Introducing the Beauty Lab Women Trimmer, a premium quality product designed for precise and painless eyebrow grooming. This rechargeable brow trimmer features an 18-karat gold-plated head, recommended by dermatologists, offering pinpoint precision without damaging the root.

With a built-in LED light for enhanced visibility, this electric razor allows for easy shaping and maintenance of beautiful brows. The Beauty Lab Trimmer ensures a fast and pain-free solution for everyday eyebrow care, eliminating the need for waxing or threading.

4. Treet Femina Women Trimmer

Introducing the Treet Femina Twin Blade Disposable Body Razor for Women in a Convenible 5s Pouch. These specially designed comb razors are crafted to assist in effective hair removal, featuring a longer handle for improved control.

The twin-blade system ensures an easy, close, and comfortable shave. Additionally, explore the Treet Femina Women Trimmer, tailored for ladies with a longer handle for better control and twin blades for a smooth and comfortable shaving experience.

5. Kemei KM-2199 Women Trimmer

Introducing the Kemei KM-2199 Women Trimmer, a versatile beauty tool kit that offers a comprehensive grooming experience. This 5-in-1 kit includes a cleaning brush massager, lady shaver, callus remover, epilator, and a precision facial hair and body grooming trimmer equipped with titanium blade technology.

The trimmer features taper control for precision cut adjustment, ensuring a customized and efficient grooming session.

6. FEIDIAO Women Trimmer

Introducing the FEIDIAO Women Trimmer – a 2-in-1 hair removal tool for quick and painless grooming. Its effective electric razor saves makeup time, and the compact, detachable design makes it easy to clean and portable for on-the-go use.

Rechargeable with a built-in LED light, this trimmer is gentle on sensitive skin, preventing cuts and irritation. Ideal for the face, lip, chin, and mustache – experience convenient and efficient hair removal with the FEIDIAO Trimmer.

7. Dorco Tinkle Razor

Introducing the Dorco Tinkle Razor – a pack of 2 single-blade razors designed for a smooth application. Each razor features a protective cap with a white round handle and a stainless-steel blade, ensuring a soft and gentle experience on the skin. Tailored for all skin types, this women’s trimmer is easy to use, providing an efficient and comfortable shaving solution.

8. Qiangren Women Trimmer

Introducing the Qiangren Women Trimmer – a new precision tool for flawless eyebrows. With an 18K gold-plated head, it’s hypoallergenic and gentle on all skin types. Perfect for clean, dry skin, its portable lipstick size makes it convenient for on-the-go touch-ups during parties, travel, or business. Upgrade your eyebrow maintenance with Qiangren.

9. Kemei KM-1012 Women Trimmer

Introducing the Kemei KM-1012 Trimmer – a high-quality professional epilator designed for effective body hair removal. This versatile trimmer is suitable for various areas, including knees, cheeks, toes, bikini lines, and underarms.

Elevate your grooming routine with the precision and efficiency of the Kemei KM-1012, making it an ideal choice for ladies seeking a reliable hair removal machine in Pakistan.

10. Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Women Trimmer

Introducing the Veet Sweet Touch Electric Trimmer – your solution for quick and gentle hair removal. With high precision and a portable design in pink and white, this electric trimmer is perfect for on-the-go grooming. Experience convenience and efficiency with the Veet Sweet Touch for a sleek and easy-to-carry women’s trimmer.

How to Clean Your Women Trimmer?

  1. Remove Attachments: Detach any removable parts for a more effective cleaning process.
  2. Brush Away Hair: Use the provided brush to remove hair from blades and hard-to-reach areas.
  3. Dry Thoroughly: Allow all cleaned components to air-dry completely before reassembling and storing.

Where to Buy Women Trimmers in Pakistan

Finding the perfect women’s trimmer is the first step toward achieving a well-groomed look. Wondering where to purchase the best options in Pakistan? Look no further than Daraz. As a leading online marketplace, Daraz provides a vast selection of women’s trimmers from local and international brands, ensuring you have access to the latest models at competitive prices. Download the Daraz app now to explore a range of women’s trimmers that cater to your grooming needs and preferences.


1. Can girls use trimmers on their faces?

Yes, girls can use a trimmer on their faces.

2. Is a trimmer better than a razor?

The preference between a trimmer and a razor depends on personal grooming needs. Trimmers are better for maintaining and controlling hair length, suitable for those who want a neat and controlled look without completely removing hair. Razors provide a smoother and closer shave, ideal for those who prefer a clean-shaven appearance. The choice ultimately depends on individual preferences and the desired grooming outcome.


The women’s trimmer market in Pakistan boasts a diverse range of top performers. These trimmers cater to different preferences, ensuring efficient and comfortable grooming. Choose the one that suits your needs for a seamless and effective grooming routine.

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